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Recently done my Square Enix Lara Croft shoot with Ben and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The hardest part was getting a mud coating that stuck on! Compost doesn't really want to stay on solid and it was a dry day so there wasn't any wet mud to borrow from nature. In the end we had to smother me in coffee grounds and mixed with sweat this created a pretty weird aroma for me all day. I can't say it was either pleasant or unpleasant but that, mixed with the costume, really did get the people sat in McDonald's staring when we went for lunch! 

Here's one from the set! (I can't upload them all because of file sizes but they're all on my Insta. ^_^) 

Even dressed as Lara, I'm confused.

My next project is Ellen Ripley in Aliens, so I've order a NERF gun to try and mod into a pulse rifle. I'll let you know how that goes! XD 



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