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10 things Sega wants you to forget




During the mid 80’s a company quietly grew as Nintendo brought back the video game industry to life. It had a console that didn’t capture audience attention and marketing wasn’t that strong. Soon after some changes were made, that company began an aggressive campaign to prove it the best video game company in the world. That company, Sega. While Sega hasn’t been the fantastic company that it once was today, hardcore fans could still remember the amazing memories they had with this outstanding company and those who work for them as well. Which is why Sega would want you to forget some of the mistakes and mess ups they had over their tenner years. This is 10 things Sega would like you to forget


10 Sega Saturn’s poor performance


The Sega Saturn sadly never had a chance. It was Sega’s attempt at pulling ahead in the market of the next gen console and out sell their rival company Nintendo during the brink of the console war. However, things fell apart at the very first E3 convention with a lack of Sega’s mascot Sonic, and it shock high price. Sony first console, the PS1, obliterated their competitors with an outstanding price than Sega Saturn, costing only $100 less than the Saturn, provided much better options and better games than what Sega is dishing out. While Sega Saturn do have good games to play and own, it never full recover what Sony Playstation started out from the con. The Saturn performance was pretty lackluster, especially in the west, that the Sega Dreamcast was an immediate patch to what the Saturn couldn’t perform. It has gone as far as the president of SOA to say that the Sega Saturn isn’t the future of Sega at all. Ouch.


9 It was marketed by a toy company


There’s nothing really wrong with a toy company promoting a video game console. Just take a look at Mattel and Intellivision. But while Mattel promoted their own video game console, Sega decided to go with a toy company to promote their own console the Sega Master System, an 8 bit console almost similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System but without the charm. Their choice, Tonka, a toy company that is known for trucks and construction vehicles. This lead to a disastrous run where not only Tonka fail to properly promote the console, but cost Sega thousands of dollars. Sega wisely pull away from Tonka, in poorer shape it was before the collaboration, prior to the release the Sega Genesis and would eventually become the talk of the town. But they would would like if you don’t remember about the Sega Master System and their dirty relation with Tonka.


8 Night Trap


It’s a game that Sega published in order to prove how good their Sega CD is over Nintendo products. Night Trap is a game where you help save a group of scandly teens as they enjoy their sleep over party with cheesy music, cheesy acting, and cheesy plot. Amongst them are a group of vampiric beings who look like aliens and hobble around. The game have you act as a player name Lt. Simms, a member of Sega Control Attack Team, also known as...S.C.A.T. Eww. And it is your mission to trap the Vampires and rescue the teenagers. While the game was hilarious bad, it caught the attention of the congress of the United States and was one of two games under evidence that videogames are becoming very violent at the time. I don’t know what made them think it was violent, maybe that one scene where one of the victims was getting her blood sucked out in her lingerie, or the scene of the girls is thrown to the pit. Overall this place a bad mark on Sega’s radical attitude compare to Nintendo’s friendly environment games before the ESRB rating system was created.


7 SOA vs SOJ


It sometimes takes a lot for a company to sometimes not wanting to make money. Especially when you are up against one of the greatest company in the early 90’s. But shockingly that just happen between Sega of America, SOA, and Sega of Japan, SOJ. The two would hold a civil war amongst themselves with SOJ working on the games and making SOA market for them in America. This was the routine before the hiring of Tom Kalinske. Kalinske and SOA would make radical changes that not only change the attitude of Sega to the large audiences, but also the success Sega would have in both America and Japan. SOJ disagrees with SOA approach, feeling it’s a disgrace to the tradition that SOJ has built for years. Not only was traditions tested between both companies, growing tensions with few employees of SOA feel how SOJ is holding them back, while SOJ feels SOA is becoming power hungry and in over their heads with the success they are building. The internal war have help increase the downfall of Sega and their closure of few office companies and as well as the outcome of the Console Wars in the 90s.  


6 The Sega Genesis attachments


Sega really wanted to improve their console by creating some extra devices that could help enhance the value and gameplay of the Sega Genesis and get one step above their rival competitor, Nintendo. Among the attachment were the Sega 32X, a device that help gamers play up to 32 bits of gameplay, and Sega CD, a CD based console. These were sold separately instead of releasing the newest console. However, both add on devices were a huge flop, ranging around the same price as a Sega Genesis at that time, and take up more space on a television cabinet and input outlets. The games were pretty uninspiring, having some of the CD games feels clunky and unplayable, meanwhile the Sega 32X needing an extra wire attachment in order to power the device and make games playable unless gamers would see a background screen with nothing else in it. These devices were by far the worse way to keep the Sega Genesis both alive and relevant against their competitor, Nintendo.


5 Sonic’s original design


Sonic has gone through a variety of changes over the years but many people still remember Sonic today. Blue. Fast. Trademark spikey hair and red shoes. And of course, the attitude. However, things were different on the original design with Sonic having fangs on his teeth and buckles on his shoes, and also have a girlfriend. No not Amy. This one name Madonna. Sonic’s design was selected as part of a company competition to find out who would be the next character for the upcoming Sega Genesis game, and a possible Mascot. Once the team at SOA looked at this, they knew something was wrong. Tom Kalinske and the Sega crew decide to help make changes to Sonic’s iconic design, and thus the history is set for the greatest rivalry of all time. But just like an entry earlier, SOJ reluctant enough to approve the changes done. Eventually Sonic would have a crush which is a hedgehog which in hindsight actually makes more sense than a human girlfriend.


4 Sonic 2uesday didn’t actually happen


Sega had a beautiful idea that would set the world on fire, and by fire I mean something that would be positive and historical making in the video game industry. Prior the to release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sega made a deal that they’ll release the game on a Tuesday world wide, marking the first ever global release of a much anticipated game and by far the most sold out video game on a single date. All was fine of course as Sonic 2 was released on November 24th, 1992. However, among the release, Sega of Japan choked up on the deal of releasing the game on a Tuesday, feeling it would be unfair and have gamers be left out on a traditional release rather than making headlines worldwide. Sega of Japan would release their game on a Saturday instead, November 21st, 1992 if you want to be technical, forcing SOA to come up with a reason as to why Japan have their game released prior to the release date worldwide. The answer, “It was a special sneak peek.” Right….


3 Sega’s strangle hold on streamers


It seems Sega seem to always follow the footsteps of their former rival when it comes to streaming in video games. Nintendo have done it with streamers and let’s play channels on YouTube, so why don’t we follow suit said Nintendo? After purchasing Atlus and the release of Persona 5, Sega made a terrible rule that pretty much pissed off the internet and streamers around the world, in that no gamer is allow to stream Persona 5 after “in-game date of 7/7” otherwise they’ll get slapped with a copyright lawsuit at that time. This pretty much got the internet upset and nearly ruin Persona 5 sales and also the reputation of the Persona series especially since it is the game that many hardcore fans were waiting for, and it was one of the best RPG games at that time. After much complaints and backlash from everyone affected by this, both streamers and fans, Atus put out a blog, apologizing the situation and ask for streamers to not stream past “in-game date 11/19”, where the finale of the game was set. Eventually the date has been dropped as time pass by, but for a certain moment it pretty much pissed of gamers and fans, and the damage as they say were done.


2 Their over reliance on Sonic the Hedgehog


There’s really nothing wrong with making games based off your mascot. Just consider how Nintendo handle their mascots and their games or how Marvel is able to create fascinating games for the most of the time. However, Sega may have done a little too much with their mascot Sonic. So much so that Sega is losing their identity and forgetting how to create new characters and games for a certain amount of time. Sure over the years games such as Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, and even Bayonetta were able to have at most two games, but too much obsession of Sonic may have hurt Sonic and not help him enough. This also shown true with the game of Sonic friends they have created for him, as well as recreation of Sonic design, Sonic games, or even the nature of Sonic games. Had Sega be able to push better games or trailers to the western audiences just as Nintendo has done with their characters, especially during the Sega Genesis era, it may be different today.


1 Sonic the Hedgehog 2006


It’s the game that pretty much destroy Sonic. A 15 year anniversary that is supposed to honor and appreciate what Sonic is and with a game that suppose to help bring Sonic back to the current era, were pretty much wrecked by poor management, releasing the game prematurely, and of course to the dismay of critics and fans. It introduce a couple of characters that were needed, Silver the Hedgehog everyone?! A terrible story of a princess that should not cry. A relationship that is horribly unnecessary that lead to one of the most disturbing scenes in gaming history. And it is all bundled up with buggy game play, cheap boss fights, poor controls, and long….long…..long loading screen time. There’s even NPC quests where Sonic must go from town to town to talk to people. And this of course means we have to endure those long….long….long LOADING screen time. If Sega and Sonic would ever hit 30 years old, they make create a game that could help us forget how bad this game was one of their biggest anniversary at that time.


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