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Integrations on Ember


Hey Guys, so this is a quick update on how to integrate other services into Ember. We integrate several services into Ember for a number of reasons such as being able to follow all of a creators content in one place or to bring all kinds of content creators together, such as streamers on different platforms like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube.

Disclaimer - Ember is in alpha development and thus, not all planned integrations are currently available and if they are, their functionality will be limited


Currently Ember has Twitch, Twitter, Steam and Discord integrated, the integrations are basic now but as development progresses we will increase functionality of each integration.

Planned upcoming integrations are: Youtube, Mixer and Instagram. We also plan to integrate Xbox Live Services, Nintendo Switch Online and Playstation Network however, these platforms require alot of legal permissions so if we do integrate them (not making any promises) it will most likely be post full release of Ember.


How to integrate


Head to the top right of your screen and click on your profile picture, a drop down menu will appear: click on "account settings"

you will see a list of "Steam, Twitter,  Facebook, Discord and Twitch" to the right of them, you will see a "configure" button for each

Clicking "configure" will allow you to sign in with the relevant service and integrate it into Ember, below we will go over each integration in it's current and planned functions.



One you have integrated your steam, you can use your steam photo as your profile photo, this isn't much of an integration yet. In future we plan on pulling data such as scores, awards & trophies, inventory's etc etc...


With twitter you can sync your email address, cover photo, profile photo and import all your tweets to your Ember wall. In future we will expand on this integration in order to import any media you post on twitter. Currently Ember only imports the text body of tweets.


We will be removing all Facebook functions from Ember with the exception of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.


Ember has a handy discord bot that scans your public "now playing" status and imports it onto your Ember profile, this requires both your consent (tickbox) and to be part of an Ember affiliate discord, such as the Forge for example. You can also sync your profile picture with discord if you wish.


Integrating your Twitch will allow you to be listed on Ember's streaming directory's, simply check the tickbox "Display my stream and live status on site"

this will add your to our directory and also display when you are live, in future this will notify your followers.


Disclaimer: all integrations require your consent, no data other than what is required to use these integrations is stored on Ember's database, if you would like to know more about your data and privacy on Ember, please see Privacy Policy furthermore, by using these integrations you are agreeing to those services respective privacy policies and procedures.





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