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Yes, I know an unusual title and to be honest, slight clickbait because what it should really be titled is 'Motivation'. This is the key ingredient to video game development, particularly if like me you are starting out for the first time, because it will determine whether or not you complete the project or suddenly give up. For the last two years I have learnt the following; there are two types of people: those who like the idea of something and those with ambition to see it through. The first group are motivated by the romantic idea that the process of making a game will be fun because it will be simple and it earn millions. However, once they discover how hard and technical development is they give up. If this is you please do yourself a huge favour right now: stop. You are not going to achieve anything and you will burn out. 

Game development its a hard and time consuming task that often means you have to stay up late and be anti-social in order to find out why one aspect of the game does not work. An example of this is when I first started out using Unity and I managed to create a terrain and in my eager bid to try a character controller on the terrain and incorrect triggered a spawning effect whereby infinite models of the play model kept appearing. That stupid mistake took 2 weeks to fix and before I realised my mistake. This is also the difference with those that see the task through and are motivated by the passion of the process and learning something new. You have got to be ready to learn from your mistakes whilst maintaining that it is worth it because it is a creative outlet you. 

That was true in my case. During the initial development I burnt out because I had placed unreasonable deadline. When I resumed I chose to scrap the deadline in order to create something to help me deal with what I was experiencing. The sudden death and loss of my father in law and my grandmother. Both have had some an impact on me that I began to struggle with things in real life, except when I was focusing on a creative project. This in turn motivated me to try again and focus on what was more important.

ADVICE NUMBER 1: Take your time and focus on your motivation to complete the project. Do a little bit every night for an hour. Although it seems little, you will see how it impacts on the bigger picture.

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