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The Novelist (draft)

The Novelist is a story-telling indie game developed by Ken Hudson which forces you to make decisions on behalf of the main character Dan Kaplan that may benefit him but hurt his family in the process. Dan is a writer who is often faced with the choice of pursuing his dreams of becoming an accomplished novelist or sacrificing time at the typewriter for his wife Linda and young boy Tommy. While the game is short, it's an awfully good concept which allows you to consider the consequences of the decisions that you make on the people around you. 
At first I couldn't understand who exactly I was in the game, but you appear to be a bit of a nosy ghost who can jump from light fitting to light fitting and entering the thoughts and memories of all three characters - bit weird - but I'm not sure how it could be done otherwise!
I decided to stream The Novelist which was actually a lot more entertaining than I had initially thought. It was incredibly interactive by asking viewers to vote on who they think should 'get their way' when it came down to making decisions for the family. At time it felt as though you were completely unable to help certain characters no matter what you did, but besides my Twitch audience making a few snide moves, to try and intentionally upset a certain family member, the ending for me was very positive! It would be very tempting to play it through a few more times to see how miserable or how happy you can make all of the characters, 



I play a fickle hand in love

I like to jump before I'm pushed

the gates and walls you're yet to see

are there so you can't get to me


today I know that you're the one

tomorrow will the love be gone?

right now I want to hold you near 

but later wish you'd disappear


I won't love you in case it hurts

I'll be the one to jump ship first

leave now and there will be no scars

no sleepless nights, no broken hearts



Wander around and wish you were still there,

replace this silent house, your empty chair,

now in my heart, an empty space,

a souls a hard thing to replace.


false friends I cannot tolerate,

relatives to whom I no longer relate,

but I flick the switch and turn the dial,

i close my eyes and start to smile.


find myself whistle and start singing along,

to the tune and the words of our favourite song,

and although the sound of your voice is now gone,

i am never alone when the radios on.

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