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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review


I am back, and this time with something more movie related than game, but Star Wars has always been a series close to my heart, so what did I think of The Rise of Skywalker?

Rather watch me ramble on, then you can click on this link here.


I've got so much to say on this film, I think I'll do a full podcast length review with some friends to really cover all bases once I've given all the films a re-watch and started to link everything up.

This is going to be spoiler free until, well it's not, so I will give you a gigantic warning before hand but let's take a look at the beats that it hit, and perhaps a few it missed. Now I'm going to say ahead of time I'm not going to rip this film apart unless I truly think it deserves it. I'm going to be honest with my review, so with that in mind, here is why I absolutely loved Rise of the Skywalkers...

Let's start first with the characters. For most, The Last Jedi did a lot to ruin established characters and introduce some we weren't fond of for one reason or another. This film manages to plug the holes created but this is also to it's detriment. It spends a little too much time on exposition and fixing mistakes made that it takes away from some scenes. Now and again characters outright speak the words of what and why something is happening in a scene and it can be jarring.

But like I said this is a plus point too, for the most part it finishes characters arcs very well, making veteran and new fans feel very rewarded.

Which leads perfectly into our next point Fan Service. This, for large parts, is a massive love letter to Leia and Luke, and the actress herself Carrie Fisher after her passing and I think it's the perfect way of doing it. Her character arc being completed and the great wrap up of the old saga for the newly established cast of Oscaar Isaacs, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

They run with that in this film, becoming the characters they've built up to be and ending in a rewarding way. I would be satisfied if this was the end for Star Wars, which is a huge statement, as I love few franchises more. Moments in this film had me choked up, laughing, questioning things, it was a rollercoaster, but now let's talk...



So this is your last chance to escape before the spoilers, run free, see the film and return...

Let's talk the moment that made you, or at least me, choke up and fight back a few tears. The top one for me was Leia and Kylo fading away to the force, as other Jedis have. Which is a sweet way of saying they're dead. Leia has been around since the start, she was a crush for thousands of us growing up, and still was for many. The bikini scene has become icon but that's not what has made her an iconic character. 

She was powerful, smart and didn't take any rubbish, which for some fucked up reason was not something many princesses were. She was a one in a million character, with some of the greatest lines and most iconic scenes leading the way for women everywhere. I think The Last Jedi did the character no justice and this movie has not only cleaned that up, but gave her the send off she deserved. RIP Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

What this film did particularly well, and The Last Jedi to some extent, was perfectly bridge the older saga and the new one. We had Poe trying to fill the roll of Leia and finally reaching a point of accomplishment at the end. And when Poe, Finn and Chewie are told of her passing you genuinely feel for them all.

Finn took sort of a back seat, as the love interest for him and Rey never really came to anything, but I the moments between Rey and Kylo were more powerful and a much bigger driving point for the film. That being said, taking a back seat to two of the biggest characters Star Wars has scene is not a bad thing, Finn was instrumental in the Rey storyline and one of the few reasons she probably was taken fully by the dark side. John Boyega was the audience, worrying if Rey would give in, because the reasoning for her giving in put forward by Palpatine made sense? It was a worry she would give in...

And oh my god, Palpatine? Rey Palpatine... I had no idea he would play such a big role, I assumed it would be his voice we heard, but not this big of a role and I couldn't have been happier. My favourite character is Palpatine (maybe replace by Poe now, it's a very tough call). He was a great, powerful leader in the original trilogy, absolutely stole the show in the prequels and managed to again in the new trilogy. Incredible character, steeped in lore and somebody who actually conjures fear. It's not just his power that makes him formidable, it's ability to convince and deceive. Like I've just said, the points he put forward made me worry Rey would give in, I GAVE IN!

But as always with Star Wars, it wasn't so one note, it wasn't just the light, the jedis, we had Kylo Ren and the sith, and what an arc for this character. He went full Sith, became Supreme Leader and killed his own dad before hitting that point and returning to the light. It shows the range of the force and how important and powerful it is in the characters.

Once this movie releases on Blu-ray I will go through and pick out all of the nostalgia points, and easter eggs but for now, I will say this film was steeped in them. From the top of my head we had Chewie receiving his medal (FINALLY, AMIRIGHT?), so many jedis in the voices for Rey towards the end... we had Mace Windu, Anakin, Obi Wan... Just so many which could probably warrant it's own video and investigation. I need to see this movie again.

But new fans, don't worry there is plenty. There is unbelievable lightsaber fights, never before seen uses of the force and the extent of it's power, which this series in general does very well. Everything was big and spectacular, with huge stakes making you genuinely worry and feel for the characters.

I could honestly sit and waffle about this film for hours, but I want to hear your thoughts most importantly. Drop them down below and let's start a discussion. If you had questions or wasn't sure about something, wanted more info, then drop that below too and I'll make sure to get to them all in the next video.

But until next time...


It Goes Beyond Gaming

Now what do I mean by this? This article is going to be memories or instances where as much as the gaming is a vital point to the story, it transcends the computer screen; it could be my first game played and the memory of it, bonding with a family member over a game or just something that had impact on me outside of the game.

So here are some special gaming related moments for me, and I would love to see yours in the comments...

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

I had been playing video games a long time at this point, not to give away my age, but this is the first game I have memory of playing from start to finish. I definitely wouldn't have been old enough to play the game at the time, but I have the most vivid memory of sitting down a few times a week for a couple of hours with my uncle to play through it. Taking turns, mainly him, as it was so hard to navigate the game for little old me.

I could list so many titles we played through, Shadow of Memories was another favourite, such a unique storyline and gameplay.

World of Warcraft

I had just started my first job, and I remember Wrath of the Lich King was just coming out. I was so nervous heading into work, wondering how I'd get on with work colleagues, and then one of them asked me what games I play and when I said WoW there jaw dropped. Turns out a lot of them were massively into it, and we became instant friends. They invited me onto their server, their guild etc and not only did I feel right at home on WoW I did at work too.

WoW in general is one of those games you make lifelong friends on, and you can end up speaking to them as much as family or friends - it truly is a unique experience.


This one is a tabletop game, but I think it still fits the article loosely. I have travelled the UK playing this game, winning sealed events at Nationals, playing friendlies in comic book shops and meeting and creating friendships all over. I've made countless good friends and acquaintances from this game that I would have never met if not for this, and I think that's the beauty of competitive miniature, card or tabletop games.

Pokemon Go

This was my final choice, partially for the fact I had so many friends and family join in something I've always been a massive fan of, partially how it made me get out and continue to be more active. For me, this game epitomised the title of this article. For a few months, a year, a couple of years some people were able to forget their restraints and the stigma and just have fun. It took over the world, everyone was playing it, and it was an incredible time. This was a game that did this, a game.

Thank you if you've made it this far, and like I said at the start, I'd love to give your special gaming stories a read so drop them below!


This Tuesday, 13th August, for the first time ever I started to stream. I’ve grown up watching people on Youtube and Twitch, and genuinely spend more of my time watching people on these websites than I do TV or maybe even play games myself, maybe…

So what made me take that leap? My favourite streamer is Nickmercs, not because of the games he plays because quite frankly I can’t stand Fortnite or the crazy building coordination it takes, but because of who he is and the attitude and enjoyment he brings to his viewers.

It’s insane the impact someone like that can have on you without realising. Probably around 4-5 years ago now I was 4 stone heavier. I’d just got out a pretty toxic relationship and was pretty low. I spent so much time watching people like Nick, and one thing about his streams is his fitness. Now it wasn’t an overnight thing for me, I didn’t suddenly drop all that weight or go out the same day and start working out, but I would watch him and slowly built up a drive to do so from what I was seeing from him.

I was going to the gym, eventually Pokemon Go would come out and I’d be walking for hours at a time playing games and making friends and honestly between getting that push from him, without him realising, and through Pokemon Go I was in a different mindset, became a lot healthier and happier.

So that was a big reason for me, pay it forward. If I could have one viewer who watched me, and I cheered him up, that would make it all worthwhile. And with that in mind, I loaded up without a second thought and played some Apex Legends, chatting along to my 3 or so viewers. I got a couple of new followers and that’s just the beginning!

I’ve made content for Youtube, and built up somewhat of a following (currently stuck around 1477 subscribers), so I’ve seen those comments before ‘Thank you for helping me..’ etc which for me, is the reason I do any of this. I love playing games and joking around with friends and the thought that can impact other people is amazing.

For me though, Twitch trumps Youtube in every way. The recording process feels so much more natural and responsive with the live aspect, and I just enjoyed it so much more - which is why I intend on doing it on Twitch now instead, whether it be messing around with friends on games or a podcast.

So that’s my story of how or why I wanted to start streaming and why I continue to do so, what’s yours? Drop them in the comments below because I would LOVE to hear them.

The Importance of Preparation


This weekend I attended the Heroclix Nationals 2019 (a superhero tabletop game I play) for a couple of days of play. 

It's always super fun to play in and nice to catch up with everyone and play the game we love. Saturday consisted of a constructed and sealed qualifier which proved a long day! We arrived around 10AM and probably left around 9PM.

Now I've done this before, and as long as you stay hydrated, eat when you can and take it in steps it can be done. One big problem this time was I'd forgot my glasses. They were prescribed for when I do tasks that require concentration, and this game in particular that's crucial.

By the time 12-1PM rolled around and I'd been playing without my glasses I had a headache. I was running off 5ish hours sleeps and I felt awful. By the time the second tournament started I was sat there holding my head in pain.

So as the title says, always prepare. That should've been the first thing I packed, but I was so focused on the game I ended up getting there and not really being able to play. I still got to see friends and enjoyed the Sunday a lot more - but never underestimate the importance of preparation and health.

Thanks for stopping by for my first article, make sure you're followed for a couple of posts a week. I'll be touching on my first EVER streaming experience later this week so hang around.

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