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Content Creators - Hints and Tips to get started!


The whole world seems to be taking on content creation in some form or another, be it streaming via Twitch/Mixer or Youtube, podcasting and blogging or design and cosplay. It's a massive, emerging market and you want in. We completely understand!

So we had our resident Hero - @TwistyShape - come up with some hints and tips to help you develop your brand, increase your footfall and get your foot in the door!

1. Social Media Networking
Networking forms the very basis of creating your brand - and you need to learn how to do this! If you pick up anything from this article, this is it! Twitter is your strongest tool! Learn it, use it and network your socks off! Don't just post about "your stream". Let people into who you are as a person, as well as your content. Tell people about you, what you like to do - reach as many different people in as many different walks of life as you can. Instead of waiting for people to interact with you, go forth and interact with them! Shake a few nests and create positive energy and you'll find people drawn to check you out!


Networking is key to growing your brand.


2. Failure to Prepare? Prepare to Fail!
Have a plan, don't go into Twitter or discords with poll after poll after poll. Trust me I learned it myself the hard way. People may vote but won't watch, draw a venn diagram if you want, games you enjoy, games you want to play and games that aren't TOO saturated. Telling people who you're gonna "Get your grind on" in FortNite, will not draw an audience because there are already literally thousands of creators offering the same but, if you're doing this as a hobby and don't care, put it entirely into the "games you enjoy" circle. An ideal outcome would be a happy medium of at least 2 of the circles!

Prepare your scenes ahead of time. Production value is everything! Take a few moments to check out other successful streamers. What is it that makes them successful, what is it that draws their particular audience in? What can you offer - what's your unique selling point?

3. Figure out why!
Hobbyist? Career? For kek? Because it beats playing alone? Figure out your why and use that to work out how much effort you want to put in. If you're a hobbyist and put in an hour or so a week, on top of when you're actually live, don't get upset if your community and viewer base doesn't grow. If you want to develop a career, you can't treat it as a hobby. It's a business first and foremost, and requires all the effort running a business takes. Treat it like a hobby and you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. Work out what you want to be!



Ideally avoid falling asleep on camera...


4. Quit Yo Jibber-Jabber  
Learn to chat about everything. Make sure its a happy medium of the game you are playing and of you as a person. Too much chat on the personal side, and those people watching for gameplay will GTFO. On the other hand, too much game-related chat and you will lose those watching for the entertainer's value. Take League of Legends for example; I'm telling people why I picked this Champion in my game today, what items I'm building and why there's a funny anecdote that happened in the previous game a few days ago"! Always be ready to make a joke at your own expense and have a list of go-to topics. Food. News. Weather. Movies. Just avoid politics at all cost! People love those topics and will always get involved in them.

Think about it. I bet you can chat for days about your favourite pizza, band, or horror film.

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy what you do. If you're not enjoying it for whatever reason, your audience will notice straight away!!

If you'd like to hear more from Twisty, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Twitch:




Forge Presents : Sales (08/04/19)


Logitech C920 webcam


Usual retails around £40-50, depending on where you shop. Amazon currently has this camera down to £26.99 for the next 11 hours (as of writing)! The webcam is a firm favourite amongst streamers - and at £26.99 is an absolute steal. Full HD 1080p recording, H.264 as standard, 15mp snap shot ability and Carl Zeiss optics. 

Great way to enhance your content!

EVGA GQ 750w Semi Modular PSU


Price reduced from £89.99 down to £69.98 - this PSU offers great value for money and a 5 year warranty. Rated 80+ and certified gold! 


HyperX Predator 16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 RAM

£194.46 down to £94.35!


HyperX® Predator DDR4 memory has a fierce new heat spreader design in black aluminium for greater heat dissipation to optimise reliability. The heat spreader and PCB complement the look and design of the latest PC hardware, so you can dominate in HyperX style. Predator DDR4 delivers blazing fast speeds of up to 3333 MHz matched with low CL15–CL16 latencies for extreme DDR4 performance, ultraresponsive multitasking and an overall faster system. It complements Intel’s 6 and 8 core processors for faster video editing, 3D rendering and AI processing – and to keep you in the lead while gaming.


Having used HyperX RAM in the past, I can sing nothing but praise for it!


Forge's Division 2 Clans prepare to take on World Tier 5


There was a lot of hype for The Division 2 within the Forge Community, from as early as December 2018... and boy, has the game lived up to expectations. Our Agents have spent the last three weeks, looting and shooting their way through DC (some of them almost daily), on a seemingly endless mission to clean the streets. No mean feat.


For those of you that are yet to play, you take on the role of a Division Agent - a sleeper unit summoned into action after a deadly virus outbreak. Much of the US government and leadership is either dead or missing, whilst the capital itself is under the control of three warring factions; The Hyenas, The Outcasts and The True Sons. As a highly trained agent, you roam the streets running various errands, regaining control of Washington DC block by block, in pursuit of a possible 'Green Poison' cure. Once you complete the main storyline, you get to take on the endgame and earn some rare loot - which is where the fun really begins! Agents must ransack and clear enemy strongholds in order to increase their World Tier ranking - opening the door to better loot.



Don''t forget - "It's dangerous to go alone!" 


Which is where The Forge comes in. From release date, we have been operating two clans - one on PC and one on PlayStation - with an aim to get as many Forge and Ember members in with us as possible! Both are very active, hold a good roster of players and are keen to help others reach the endgame content.

At the time of writing, our PC clan (headed by Forge admin @wochinimen) is currently Level 15 and sits 18 members strong, many of whom are already farming towards World Tier 4 - in preparation for World Tier 5 and the next significant Stronghold - Tidal Basin. The PlayStation team, headed by @KayTMo, is up to Level 10 and boasts six Tier 4 characters! Dedication!

Ready to answer the call Agent? Get in touch with either of the clan leaders, who will be able to talk you through getting started and signing up to the clan. We have dedicated chat and voice channels within the Forge Discord server - just type !division to access them!


Forge brings in dedicated channels!


All aboard the HYPE train!

With Game of Thrones and Avengers:Endgame now both on the horizon, April is shaping up to be a monumental month! We wanted to create somewhere where Forge members can discuss their fan theories, episodes and goings on within the respective universes - away from general chat! Not everyone digs Superhero movies (or incestuous familes.... )

So! Type !avengers and/or !got in #general-chit-chat, give yourself the role and start sharing those theories! Don't forget - Discord introduced their awesome spoilers feature. To use it, copy and paste this ( ||Insert spoilers here|| )into your chat, and replace where necessary!!

tenor (13).gif

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