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Real Talk: Simulated Games Gives Confidence!



Real life and Simulation. Reality and the Virtual World. Consequences and Results. 


When it comes to video games influencing our society, most legislation would consider how video games help cause mass shootings. They would usually state that video games have educated violence in our youthful society, and that anyone who plays a violent video game would soon become vicious monsters with the intention of taking others lives. Most of these occurrences have been in schools and colleges where the least amount of security around gun control takes place, either due to the influence of past tragic shootings or the mental stress and illness the suspect causes. Mass media empires would be on the scene with news of said tragedy and willing to bring up the debate of whether video games were involved in the mass shooting, nevermind to question whether a stronger gun control bill is needed to stop future catastrophes. Although there are responsible gun owners who understand the dangers of owning an arm weapon, compared to other world countries, the US is the highest in the number of deaths in gun violence by over 25%. Instead of providing stricter laws on owning or purchasing an armed weapon and placing a ban on certain weapons, such as semi-auto or auto rifles, some legislation has either turn an away from the problem or ease requirements and propose alternative solutions, such as security guards and teachers to carry an armed weapon, in hopes to prevent future shootings, which have left uncomfort feeling for most people in the country, especially in parents who have their children in school. Some states in the control provide no laws on certain guns, allowing people to have free will to own a weapon of their own. Despite this, the blame would usually go to video games as reporters, investigators, and government officials feel that video games have the power to teach people how to use a weapon. While video games have certainly evolved from 8 bit pixels to 1080p, the ideal of understanding how to properly load in a magazine, cock the weapon, have a firm grip of selected weapon, be in proper position, and pull the trigger is different between two realms. One centers around the use of thumbs and fingers to maneuver an avatar and use a weapon, while the other requires training. 


Although many of the media and legislature have considered the thought of video games teaching kids the negative side of life, not one single news by major media companies or approval from legislators were given about teaching kids the positive side of life. In most cases, games are actually used for education purposes in a simulated way. Take myDriveSchool and their VR simulation of educating teens and young adults about driving. Students use an Oculus VR headset and a steering wheel to simulate driving on a viable road. They’ll learn about how to maintain speed, brake, use turn signals, turning on various roads, and the importance of patients and safety. Other VR games practice students being pedestrians and understanding the safety of crossing the road, focusing on knowing when to walk on a signal light, avoid impatient drivers cutting the light, and never to J walk on roads that cause more accidents than prevent it. Now in no way does this mean that people are going to get it right away in the real world, after all there’s a major difference about getting into a fender bender in the virtual world then getting into an actual fender bender in the real world. However, the major goal about these games isn’t just about the education but rather the confidence the student gains. Nearly those who wish to do such a task do not have the confidence in achieving their goal. This can either be fear instill them by the consequence that can occur if something goes wrong, or the self doubt that they’ll never be able to have help overcoming their stigma of not being good at all. Class do offer ways to be able to help students overcome the fear, with having a coach beside them and guide them step by step on what they need to do and when they need to do it, including reminders about signs or signals that the student miss, and what possibly could happen once the student takes a driving exam. Not to knock on coaches on the passenger side, because personally I learned how to drive from a driving school and the coaches who helped me were fantastic teachers, but the big elephant on the road had to be the impatient drivers who barely acknowledge the basics of driving, including students who are on the road. Simulated video games help give students at least some confidence about driving without dealing with crazy people as a way to have them know what it feels like to be on the road and what to expect before taking a chance on an actual vehicle. This doesn’t mean they’ll be experts at said task, as it does require students to get a feel of an actual moving vehicle rather than something they’ll feel at home. But the practices in the virtual world can translate in the actual world, giving students a knowledge of what to do in certain cases, added in more educational experience in the real world and soon the confidence to take on the everyday life.


Although the example I used has been with driving, playing video games, including simulation, does help gamers in a positive way depending on the game they are playing. It does build confidence in the gamer by having them participate and learn about how to do certain tasks in the game, but it should also influence them as well about what they are learning and inspire them too. Take Cooking Mama for instance, a simulation about cooking, House Flipper, a simulation about Renovation, Flight Simulator, a simulation about aviation, and Farming Simulation, a simulation of agriculture. Each bestows players' ways about how things work in real life and how to be able to improve their skills within the simulated world and influence them of said interest. Again, this doesn’t mean they’ll become a master chef, a genius of renovation, a head pilot, or a farmer, but the basics is given to them and soon the influence has been shot to the brain to have them at least give it a try in the real world and understand how things work, even if they need a coach beside them to guide their way. While video games can be entertaining, we must understand that video games do have the power to educate but also give certain types of perks that put those who participate in the simulated verse an advantage over those who have yet to make a move on educating themselves or go to school to be educated.

The Battle against Depression, The War for a greater Future



Hello. My name is Luis Zeno Jr, but most of you have known me as Xeno. And I have suffered from depression for a very long time. I have never taken medication to ease the symptom, fearing that it would make it worse, and I see a therapist at times about my emotions, seeing if there is really something wrong with me and what I can do to change myself. I work at an auto retail store, selling parts, managing inventory, helping with mechanics, and delivering parts, taking online courses for a bachelor's degree in Game Design, and stream on my days off a variety of retro video games and maybe some modern video games when I am with my friends.


I had depression when I was in High School but I never noticed it at that time. When I was around 16 or 17, I wanted to cut myself because I was severly stressed out. I figure if I were to leave a mark on my skin, mostly an X mark on my face, I would look like a protagonist in a video game, not realizing that it’s wrong. Luckly, I saw a student counselor at my high school who talked me out about doing such heinous things to myself, and even witnessed the dangers of cutting oneself with my first ex. I never knew what I was doing, but I was in pain and needed help. I needed someone. 


My depression grew worse after my first college degree, trying to join in various groups but to no success. And even if I have joined a group to do events or gaming, it crumples apart, either due to money or ego. I was dating my second ex at that time, and took a job at an airport handling luggages and transportation. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for the both of us, and I wasn’t able to join a maid cafe because I wasn’t good enough. The thought of not being good enough at all made me feel as if I shouldn’t be here, feeling that I need to end it as soon as possible. I first consider suicide via train tracks, yet something kept me from making that initial move. I didn’t want it to end at all. Maybe it was because I just started Pro Wrestling training and the guys there were amazing. Maybe it was because I just started dating after a year of breaking up and this is too soon. Maybe it was because there was something worth fighting for. Whatever it was, I just kept pushing on, getting money to pay off my bills while training on a certain day, and trying to make time with my last girlfriend. 


I thought I was happy, and figured in my own world things would be alright. But there is a saying that nothing lasts forever. After hearing my ex wanted to go and live in Japan, I felt shattered, thinking she didn’t care about me at all. I tried my best to figure out a way to compromise things, figure we could have a place of our own and try to work things out. It was her dream to live in Japan and escape the United States, always posting how much she hated it because of the violence and crime the US has, preferably in The Bronx, and never seen any possible way of having a job here with her degree. I never really had a plan except to make it as a Pro Wrestler and travel the world, which has always been my dream no matter which career I went for. I wanted to travel too, but I was in debt and fear that if I don’t resolve my money problems I won’t have a place to live, especially since I live with my parents. 


Despite this, I stuck by my ex, wanting to spend as much time as I can. I didn’t think it was a mistake nor was I doing wrong, and I always see she is a great way to ease my stress, having her by my side and holding her close. However, my anger and emotions get the best of me. I never really had a good relationship with my sister, and never really enjoy being around her since she has been making me feel bad about myself and my situation. After one stressful argument later with her while doing my daily task, I took it out on my ex and screwed up her date, getting blamed for not being with her friends and having been called clingy. After years of listening to her dark secret, having personal time with her that I never had done with anyone, doing solids, and even spending a lot, I just lost it and decided to delete her off social media and phone, not understanding that we just needed a break. It was the straw that broke the camel's back and sadly we slowly broke up. We had done one more outing on my birthday, but even then she wanted to visit a friend at a party who is set to leave the next day to China, and even looking at her, I felt like I was a burden, preventing her from doing something she wanted to do and even encourage her to leave now and make it to the party. Afterwards, things ended and it was pretty painful.


Around that time, I was given the manager promotion, something I wasn’t ready for admittedly, and had to deal with new co-workers who were either lazy or disrespectful. I couldn’t handle it and the backlash I got from my boss was too much. Add in getting injured with a concussion at my training and my life was in shambles, with nothing but scowl remarks from my family about my injury, my ex not checking up on me, and my job being crappy. That’s when I felt I needed to end it once again. I even plot about causing an auto accident in hope that maybe, maybe things might turn around if I survive. But once again, fate has stated that this wasn’t the way. This wasn’t what was meant to be and it would have been terrible if I am around, but the people around me who I got involved inadvertently aren't.


I played a lot of video games and even took a hiatus because there wasn’t anything interesting in the new generation, The PS5, XboxOne, and Nintendo Wii U, and didn’t feel like I had time to play video games. I took a gamble after my second graduation and decided to get myself a PS5 and some games and soon learn about streaming online. I started off small and figured I would have made it big time if I just keep on going, maybe my friends from the past would come along and see me play. While I never got too serious about it, I continued on with getting upgrades to my stream, a new laptop, new microphone, new camera, and just kept on going. I was told about a community of streamers that I ought to join in and opted to do so, since I wanted to make friends and meet different streamers while hoping they would come over, but being that is in the United Kingdom and I don’t stream until late at night, it’s totally understandable that this won’t happen. The group, The British Nerd Network but known today as both Ember Gaming Community and The Forge. 


I was excited to meet some many different people overseas and was at first timid but slowly happy to see their amazing attitude. A couple of months into the group, my depressing side came along, feeling down about not getting enough viewers, my ex, and my career, how it’s going nowhere. I even at one point felt like suicide was the only way out. This sets off an alarm to the members and they instantly console me, to the point when one directly said to me “You are not feeling well. You need help” Just like that, it struck me like Thor’s hammer and man did it stuck to me. I asked a friend about finding a counselor and she helped me out, even feeling concerns about me and my depression.


I mostly get depressed because I feel as if I am alone. That no one wants to chat with me or even check on me. What is worse is that I wondered if my ex would even message me once again, maybe have a chat and talk to me. After hearing where she is, I thought that I focus on myself and try to work on my pro wrestling career and streaming as well, not worried about her since she is miles away from me and we have no way to contact one another. I figure she didn’t care and I shouldn’t as well. I dated a few times, and even thought I was going to have a relationship with someone, but my one track mind pretty much screwed up and the depression of being rejected kicked in, even to the point when her words “You are an adult. Figure it out.” stung me like a diseased infected mosquito filled with responsibility, irony, and other metaphors. Add in that my ex somehow returned to American, and things are going for a tailspin. It came to the point when my father would come over to me and have a talk, telling me to forget women focus on myself. No point in killing myself over someone who doesn’t want me, which caught me by surprise since my father isn’t really Father of the Year material and hasn’t really been there for me much of my years. 


When I felt things weren't going well, I took the offer from my medical clinic and decided to see a therapist, fearing that my personal needs are preventing me from having a happy life, preventing me from meeting other people, and preventing me from being myself. When I met my therapist, I thought to myself, ‘oh great, I am going to be hopped on the pills soon.’ To my surprise, I wasn’t given the treatment but I did get diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety, hearing the tone of my voice and my uncomfortable attention to her. In fact, she does her best to schedule around my work schedule and made efforts to contact me despite my lack of responding back. She actually wanted to help me and I would soon put my effort to talk to her and tell her how I feel. She even helped me solve my problem about my ex and offered me to try something new with meeting someone new.


Having depression pretty much sucks. It’s like the world is against you and nobody around is there to save you. You are sinking closer and closer to the dark side and the need to take the high road is slowly narrowing down to a dead end, forcing you to stoop to their level or just take a life and leave. Even the people you want to hear from may not be there, and the people who are available might not be good enough, or might be too scared to talk to them. It’s almost as if it is the “ME” show and not about them, making it so tiring and so repetitive. Yet, after making the initial move to talk to someone, after just saying how I feel and what’s going on, things as of late are going well. I’m not saying I am fully cured, things go from 0 to 60 like whoa, and the emotions in me either bottled up and never expressed could explode at any given moment. But what I am saying is that I hear from others how they felt and continue on from there, seeing what can be done about it. 


I’ve read about a few saying that they enjoy my streaming and how my presence has helped them feel comfortable and relaxed and even inspired to keep on going in life. Even if I am worried that I have done something wrong, being able to read how much I have changed their lives or helped improve it makes me feel so thrilled that I am doing something right, that something I am working on is good. I kept on streaming because I wanted to make people who feel the same way I do, depressed, anxious, stressed, or traumatized to come over, relax, and feel entertained by my stream. Having a free show to enjoy, without being a douche, because we know about those who wanted to raise their follow number or be a troll, and give support anyway they can. Prior to the pandemic, I am attending college online and still am, going for a bachelor's degree in Game Design, and have participated in video game events and tournaments, even having a console moment with the party organizer over in the OS NYC Twitch event. I chat with friends from time to time, join a large number of community channels, over about 30 if I recall, but only support a few, with the exception of 3 because of my university, and be myself. I even planned on traveling to Las Vegas for EVO and even planning on a surprise party event when COVID ends. 


I do worry about my friends when something happens to them to the point I feel like I need to jump in somehow, willing to message them about their day and try to keep a constant run on coming back to them and keeping them company. Sometimes I am good at it, other times I need to work on it. But I make it a mission, that while I feel the depressing emotion of not being good enough, of being used by family or people, of being too pathetic to date other women or have a girlfriend or fiance, of being too flamboyant to others, of being boring or such; I make it a mission to entertain people, keep them smiling, make them forget the worries of the world, of what people say, of what people have done. I make it a mission to be there for someone when I am live and when I am offline. I may not have all the answers in the world, and I am not a certified doctor, that’s someone you need to speak up to with. But I do my best to make an enjoyable time. Because without you living, without you being in this world, who knows what kind of impact you have on someone. You are important just like I am.



It has said that this moment has shifted gaming competition to a higher level. Some have said that this moment has not only helped put EVO on the map as one of the top gaming competitions in the world, but help revitalize the fighting game community that was supposedly dying. A moment was shared and viewed multiple times on all social media platforms. A moment that had articles and books written about it, and a documentary of it’s impact. A moment that placed one of fighting games greatest players into god like status. This is EVO moment #37


Since the dawn of gaming, competition has been created among other participants in a lab room of a university school. At that time, you could only compete in video games if you were within the region and had access to the school grounds to enter, meaning only educators, staff, and students were allowed to compete. However, in 1972 a new competition was created. The SpaceWars Olympics. Officially dubbed as the first video game tournament, Space Wars show that gaming isn't just for fun, but also a form of competitive sport much like you would find in Chess. 


Since then, gaming competition has slowly become a popular form of drawing a crowd towards popular games such as Donkey Kong or Pac-Man. In the 1990, Nintendo created the Nintendo World Tournament, consisting of games such as Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. Nearly every genre has a tournament, except fighting games. Fighting games were a bit complex going up in gaming history. Games like Activision's Boxing and Data East's Karate Champs were good examples of fighting games to enjoy, but hardly consider tournament worthy appreciation. 


This is until 1991 when Capcom released their super popular fighting game, Street Fighter II in the arcades. Upon the release, many companies follow suit on the fighting game genre, including Midway's Mortal Kombat, SNK's King of Fighter, and Sega's Virtua Fighter. 5 years following the release of one of the most popular fighting game of all time, EVO would soon be born at Sunnyvale, California. The tournament began with only 40 competitors in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2, but would grow massive over the years, switching venues from California to Las Vegas. Although EVO was a popular competition to attend to with popular games such as Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom 2 added to the list of games to compete in, it had its slump in the mid 2000's. With the newer generation consoles released, fighting games had a hard time breaking out alongside its newer technology. Games such as Guilty Gear and Tekken have held down the fort of interest to newer generations while Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters have attempted to do something new. EVO was also suffering from this as few games on their list have caused any interest in spectators' eyes including one particular game. But the mechanic from that game and those involved would turn the world upside. 


On August 1st, 2004, Evo set their bracket for the finals of the tournaments, however, the feel of competition and enjoyment were hinder on that day thanks to Soul Calibur II finals, as two friends were in collusion by playing as characters they don’t normally play as, and jokily play the finals as a Saturday evening hangout. The mood would all change in the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament. While 3rd strike is considered to be one of the most polished fighting games coming out of Capcom Circuit, the game isn’t considered popular due to the parry mechanic. Players must predict and time the attack an opponent throws and press forward to parry the attack, allowing players to knock an attack away and leave their opponent open for a counter attack. If a player successfully parries an attack, the player gets a golden opportunity to unleash a devastating counter. However, if a player fails it can spell disastrous and at the mercy of their opponent. It’s a high risk, yet high reward mechanic that can change the fate of the game in an instant.

Justin Wong and Diago Umehara were set in the loser’s finals, where the winner of this match will get a chance to meet Kenji Obata in the grand finals. Despite never playing against each other in past Street Fighter games, Justin Wong Chun-li’s turtling and calm demeanor was a perfect test towards Diago Ken’s aggressive nature. At the start of the final round in the first game, it seemed that Justin Wong's strategy was working against Diago, chipping away Diago’s life bar, keeping the pace in his way and striking Diago at open opportunity. Diago was able to keep the pressure with only 20% of life left, but Justin was able to escape. After failing to hit Justin with two ex hadoukens, which sacrificed one energy bar off his and a trade hit between the two knock Diago’s life bar down to 5%, it seem Justin Wong have the match set, holding a well 40% life on his bar and two super attack stored on his meter, meaning a single special attack can chip away Diago’s life even if he blocks it all and result in an automatic victory for Justin. With no other option left, Diago decided to go for the gamble. Justin uses Chun-li’s super attack, the Houyoku-sen, a close range attack with a series of kicks that ends with a high kick, powerful enough to defeat Diago. Just as Justin unleashes his super, the unthinkable has happened. Diago timed the kicks perfectly, parrying each attack as if he is strumming the strings of a guitar to the tune of one of the most difficult songs man has ever created and matched the tempo. After parrying Chun-li’s final attack, Diago countered with a series of attacks before finishing it with Ken’s super attack, Shippuu Jinraikyaku. The crowd who bare witness his moment has gone wild, howling and roaring in excitement and rave. Shouting that this is the greatest moment in fighting game history. Diago would go on to win the set and take on Kenji Obata who he would eventually fall to in the grand finals and take second place.


In just a small auditorium room with just a camcorder, television, console, and arcade stick, Evo moment #37 has changed the landscape of fighting game tournaments. In Justin Wong’s words, it helped “saved” the fighting game community, reinvigorating the industry into being more active with fighting games and soon have more people be involved in fighting games as either a competitor or as an organizer. Moment #37 was also a challenge on the download version of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike online edition, allowing players and fans of the genre and series to recreate the moment that brought fighting games back on the market. 


Evo would see a 5 year hiatus, but would eventually return in 2009 in Las Vegas. The spirit of fighting games along with several amazing sequels released by Capcom, Namco, and Arc System brought back iconic players such as Diago and Justin Wong, both meeting in the grand finals of Street Fighter IV where Diago would once again triumph over Justin Wong. Afterwards, both Diago and Justin won't see another championship ever again in the Street Fighter circuit. Justin would however go on to win one more championship in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The two would meet once more 10 years later in a rematch of Street Fighter III, where the recreation of Moment #37 has happened again. However, Justin Wong would have enough life left to win the match against Diago, avenging the loss he suffered 10 years ago. 


The impact that EVO Moment #37 left brought in the technical aspect of fighting games and that anything is possible with a gamble payoff. Players from around the world has gotten more involved in fighting games than there were when in 90's and earlier 2000's and games such as Killer Instinct and Smash Bros would get an opportunity to shine thanks to the likes of the mechanics the game offers and the dynamics of a player's skill set. Nearly each year, players and fans are hoping for an EVO moment, radiating similar feeling just like what has occur 16 years ago. However, when most people think of a moment that change video game, a moment that exaggerate the passion and love for fighting games, a moment that blew up the internet and shown what fighting games can do in a tournament like capacity, This is the moment that will easily come to mind and forever be branded as fighting games greatest moment of all time.



Hey everyone! And welcome to another edition of TODAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!! This time we take a look at one of the most defining companies from Japan, Capcom. Today marks the 41 year anniversary that Capcom was established, responsible for creating some of our childhood games today which includes Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and those amazing Disney games from the NES. 


While Capcom started in 1979, it took them 5 years to create their first game called Vulgus, a vertical shooter game. Although it was Capcom’s first, it didn’t really capture the attention Capcom would imagine and later create another vertical shooter game called 1942, focusing on fighter planes and power ups to take down enemy fighters and huge bosses as well.



A year later Capcom would release their most difficult game to date, Ghosts n Goblins. An adventure game of the classical knight in shiny armor rescuing the princess from Satan, the game is notorious for its difficulty and for the ending as getting the true ending of the game requires players to complete the game twice. Around the same year, the NES was released and Capcom began shipping arcade ports of their popular arcades to the NES starting with 1942. 


2 years later, Street Fighter was released in the arcades. Although it wasn’t the Street Fighter game that we knew today, this marks the start of a franchise that would soon explode years later. Ryu and Ken were designed as a young fighter, with Ryu having red hair instead of black, white headband, and shoes. Street Fighter was also quite broken as the damage base is random. 


Around the same year Street Fighter was released in the Arcade, Mega Man would debut on the NES and became a huge success. The Blue Bomber changed the ideal of platforming with shooting dynamics and the ideal of using defeat bosses power ups to use against other bosses, requiring players to use a distinct strategy of their own to know who is weaker to what and who to go for first. Mega Man was a huge success when the franchise began to release a series of sequels, spin-offs, and sports games surrounding the name Mega Man, each with their own background story, hero, side characters, and gameplay style.



Final Fight would make their arcade debut on 1989, becoming Capcom’s first attempt at a Beat ‘em up game, and brought in popular characters such as Mike Hagger, a professional wrestler turned Mayor of Metro City, Cody, a hot headed fighter, Guy, a ninja who were converses, Hugo, and everyone’s favorite transgender, Poison. The game was a huge success and spawned 2 sequels and 2 spin off games.


By 1991, Capcom hit gold with their greatest game of all time, Street Fighter 2. Street Fighter 2 was the first to truly usher in the fighting game era, with returning characters Ryu, Ken, and Sagat alongside popular characters such as Chun-li, Guile, Bison, and many more. The game was fluent, quick, and fun. Street Fighter was the first to bring in the fighting game community as well as the first to have multiple editions of the popular series, making the game more faster, adding super attacks, and bringing more characters. Street Fighter is also credited for influencing the fighting gaming industry, as games such as Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Tekken all were created to challenge Street Fighter, but instead created an identity of their own and have a fan base that is still going strong today.

1121721548_SFIII.png.f86f9de4074019a126eb96abdd537fa0.png                   SFIV.jpg.dadf1595bceadf9cdc0b0bc385d03f35.jpg                  SFV_AE_Logo.jpg.0773568c123559fa5c4d74d656cc6c3c.jpg

Street Fighter’s popularity was soaring so high that it created its own animated movie called “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie”, and it’s Hollywood film Street Fighter: The Movie, which the former was great and the latter was not. It didn’t deter Street Fighter as the franchise would have several sequels down the road, including the release of Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V




As the years go by, Capcom would continue to create popular mega hit games and sequels as well with games such as Disney’s Aladdin and Alien vs Predator. By 1994, Capcom would bring out their prototype, X-Men: Children of the Atom. The game uses popular characters from the mega hit marvel comic book series X-Men, and has them battle out in a fighting game aspect. The game was popular enough to get a sequel in the form of Marvel Super Heroes, focusing on characters from the Marvel Comic Book series such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the return of Wolverine, and added in the infinity stones to their gameplay.

1087688048_ResidentEvil.thumb.jpg.c1a77f154c7a8fe4b5c51ac1b71e62b8.jpg            Resident_Evil_2_Remake.jpg.50d5c71404bc3506c95f003f70c642b7.jpg

In 1996, Capcom released their newest title in their list of franchise games, Biohazard or better known to us as Resident Evil. Focusing on the zombie survival aspect, players take control of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as members of the S.T.A.R.S organization to investigate an outbreak inside the mansion house just miles away from Racoon City. The game was scary at the time and nerve wrecking as the mansion is filled with zombies and monsters with a shocking twist near the end.  Resident Evil became an instant classic, creating Resident Evil 2 with popular character Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis that brought back Jill Valentine and introduce us to our nightmare fuel in dark places known as Nemesis, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica having us play as Claire Redfield once more, just to name a few of the series of games Resident Evil has put out. 


Along with the release of Resident Evil on home consoles came one of the first of many vs titles Capcom has ever put out. After creating popular superhero fighting games, Capcom has decided to create their first tag team crossover game with Marvel’s X-Men characters and Street Fighter characters. X-Men vs Street Fighter was the first of many crossover games Capcom would create over time. It brought us a fantasy booking of who would win in a fight between Ryu and Wolverine, Bison and Magneto, and Zangief and Juggernaut. Their sequel, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter a year later, changed the roster of Marvel heroes and villains and some changes with the Street Fighter Roster.

MvC1_4083.jpg.78db73236a0ff3c150b25840bbde5079.jpg         MvC2_logo.thumb.png.4e6f4d6abd77db4d08f5b97b844547af.png

In 1998 however, the franchise began to kick off with one of their many popular releases and well known franchises today, Marvel vs Capcom. The idea of having Marvel heroes such as Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, and Spider Man team up with characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Mega Man, and Morrigan was phenomenal. Marvel vs Capcom was not only fast paced and exciting, but helped introduce fans of the Capcom series and Marvel Comics new characters they may have never heard of at all, including Captain Commando, Strider, Morrigan, Colossus, and War Machine. Things would only get better for the series as two years later Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released on the arcades and home port, bringing in a chaotic atmosphere of insane 3 v 3 gameplay, a stack full of rosters from a wide variety of games and comic book series, 4 original characters, and a killer soundtrack. Marvel vs Capcom would go on to have 3 more releases, with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite being their latest release.

Tatsunoko.jpg.b93b62229c53f603c799f3c816ff36c4.jpg   220px-Namco_capcom.jpg.805b387c636b00b47e329649161af995.jpg

Alongside Marvel Vs Capcom, Capcom would also release a number of crossover games such as SNK vs Capcom, Tekken X Street Fighter, and Tatsunoko vs Street Fighter, while getting involved in other projects such as Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone.

Onimusha_-_Warlords_Coverart.png.2848ca8992994991dba02efc2fe8a4f8.png          DMC1FrontCover.jpg.9e0bfe09430b22daed5ec9599ebed0b9.jpg  Ace_Attorney_Logo.png.906d2bba0dd3ee9d4ada7a1542ab65f4.png

In 2001 Capcom would continue their stride by releasing a triple set of games that would become a major hit. First was Onimusha, a twist of zombie survival in the feudal era of Japan. Players would assume the role of a samurai as they battle their way to thwart an evil overlord whose goal is to consume this land in chaos. It should have over 1 million copies and was the first PS2. Capcom would later release Devil may Cry and it’s new gameplay mechanic, a hack and slash adventure, focusing on Dante as the son of Sparta and holding the devil power within him to defeat demonic foes. In the Fall, Phoenix takes the case as one of the many series of the franchise that would be released on the Gameboy Advance, focusing on story and courtroom battle as the defendant lawyer of a major case in each arc. All three franchises would get a series of releases down the road.

Monster_Hunter_Coverart.png.127d421446d6cd294c9f07f96ad3a4c1.png                                                       MHW.jpg.0b49ba5b6b13009c69416ef3a2392e33.jpg

In 2004, the Monster Hunter series was born, bringing in the aspect of adventure roleplaying game and the opportunity to play with friends as the object of the game is to slay or capture monsters for better armor and better weapons. The game would have sequels for various consoles and their latest release, Monster Hunter World, would be awarded as Roleplaying game of the year.


2 years later in 2006, Capcom release Dead Rising, a twist of zombie horror survival, having players use Frank West to kill a horde of zombies trapped inside a mall with a variety of objects in the mall, such as baseball bats, golf clubs, manikins, axes, saws, and many more. It also centers around government involvement in evolution and a terrorist attack at the center mall towards the US. Dead Rising would have 3 more releases after it’s initial run. 


Capcom has also been involved in the Esports competition, having their games such as Street FIghter III: Third Strike, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 were featured in the EVO circuit, as well as creating the Capcom Pro Tour in 2014.


Although major games such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil still get a load of attention today, it’s not to say that fans of the popular company solely focus on the games that were stated above, as Capcom has released a major ton of games over the course of their 41 year tenure. Games such as Power Stone, Rival Schools, Viewtiful Joe, Dino Crisis, the Breath of Fire series, Darkstalkers, Puzzle Fighters, Shantae, Okami, and many many more games were released under their name. Some were able to get one more sequel before being forgotten, while others live on through other developers or a set of remixes and remakes. Capcom isn’t perfect so to say, games fans of certain franchise series do get shafted every now and then, with either poor gameplay mechanics, poor story, poor roster, poor design, or poor business practices. Yet, when we hear the word Capcom, we immediately strike to the first game that comes to our mind, either recent or popular franchise. Whether it was a game we enjoy playing with friends and strangers, or hours spent on perfecting our skills for future tournaments. Whether it is the retro of games from the past, or the anticipation of new news of a future game released from Capcom. Capcom feels like a symbol of variety we need in our lifetime. A chance to fight out our frustrations in fighting games, explore the horrors of an undead infested city, venture on a land searching for the creatures we need to apprehend, or being able to get a one up against a line of bosses using their partners powers against them. For over 41 years, Capcom has been able to bring joy to the gaming community and will still do so for another set of years.






Hey everyone! And welcome back to another article of TODAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!!!



Today marks the 35 year anniversary of Gradius released in Japanese arcade. Gradius took a spin of space shooting games, focusing on Horizontal shooting, upgrades, and a twist on bullet storm gaming. Games would be created with Gradius mechanics and Gradius itself would soon have several sequels down the road.



Today marks the 21 year anniversary of what is known as the worst superhero and Nintendo 64 game of all time, Superman 64. Based off the popular animated series on the WB network, now the CW, and comic book hero, Superman 64 was a repetitive boring and broken game that was marked as the worst game to ever come out of the N64 lineup and out of the Warner Brothers studio. Sadly, the Man of Steel himself would never be in great superhero games unless he is teamed up with his fellow Justice League members.



And today marks the 5 year anniversary of Splatoon. The adorable looking inklings became one of Nintendo's original games since the release of Pikman back in 2002. It was Nintendo's first attempt at a multiplayer shooter game with a kid friendly twist. And has been nominated and won numerous awards, including best shooter, beating out Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefield, on a console that had the weakest sales among the three. Splatoon would later have a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, but it's introduction to the Nintendo family was well received and still popular to this day.




Hey everyone and welcome to this day in gaming where we take a look at games from the past and their significance on the gaming universe. So with that said, it's time for THIS DAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!






Today marks the 20 year anniversary of Street Fighter EX 2 released on the PS1. The game was praised by fans and critics of the Street Fighter EX series and one of Akira's best released game under the Street Fighter partnership. A step up on the graphics and visual and robust gameplay thou some lackluster originality and new features, Street Fighter EX 2 is still highly regarded as one of the best in the ill forgotten 3D era of Street Fighter games. 




Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Modnation Racers and Blur. Blur is released on multiple consoles and focus on arcade like racing using manufactured cars from companies like Ford or Toyota. They emphasize on speed and powerups to win the race. Meanwhile Modnation Racers is for the PS3 only, and allow players to customize their character, cart, and racetrack to their creativity and liking, sort of like LittleBigPlanet but without sack boy ruining the fun of racing. It holds a story mode and is consider to be one of the toughest racing game on the market for it's tough A.I and ridiculous challenges in the story mode. 




And today marks the 4 year anniversary of Pokemon Go beta testing. The popular AR game was created in an opportunity to play off the mobile phone and encourage people to travel outside and play. While the game is a major hit, it does have controversial moments regarding the safety and the players awareness of their surroundings, so much so that the developers of the game has issue a warning to always pay attention off the phone and don't play while driving. 


And that'll do it for today. Be sure to come back for more THIS DAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!!!!!

Top 5 Fighting Games that needs an Extra Story Mode DLC



With the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath around the corner, Netherrealm has shown that a fighting game story can continue after hours of completing the cinematic specuatal a player journey through, with wild predictions of what will happen after the ending. This marks the first time a fighting game continues the story via DLC, since fighting games would release a new game with a story intact. The truth is we needed a DLC story mode for these games in the first place, as it captures the hardcore and casual fanbase who enjoys these games from the characters or story presented and wanted to know more of what is going on. A new antagonist to defeat, returning and new characters to be introduced, and a possibility of shifting the story to what was something minor or frustrating at first to something huge and major can keep the game more relevant before the next installment of the series. Here are 5 games that are in need of an extra story mode DLC.



5.) Dead or Alive 6

While Dead or Alive 6 focuses a lot on the costumes, the story, while lackluster, was okay and the ending centering around what the newest character NiCO was plotting with Helena left on a cliffhanger. Still, Dead or Alive 6 does have potential, especially since DOA has brought in special guest characters from other franchises, mostly the King of Fighter games. A crossover between DOA and KOF would help the franchise a lot, since it would allow popular characters such as Kyo, Iroi, and Terry Bogard to cross over to the DOA world, and more female characters such as King, Yuri, Leona, and Athena would help represent the female character fan-base. The idea of using the Orochi bloodline is perfect since characters like Hayabusa, having experience fighting demons and monsters outside of his participation in the Dead or Alive tournament. If DOA could keep their DLC to something affordable compared to the costume packages they release monthly, and have a good story, DOA could put themselves back on the map.



4.) Blazblue

Of all the anime fighting games out there, none are more frustrating to look forward to than the Blazblue games, one that had an amazing run with their first three games, before toppling over with more releases that didn’t make sense, since several characters were from other source of media, media that the western players may not be able to obtain. Newer characters were released and while some had amazing game-play, the story was a mess and confusing, with some character’s personalities stripped or altered, and some having poor purpose for being in the story after the second release. An ending to the Blazblue series is possibly needed, and while another Blazblue release could help with the series, a DLC sounds better since the game already has a large list of characters in their fighting games, and adding in more characters could spell confusion or disaster for the story. We need a climax for the series and one that could be for affordable pricing could help end the series once and for all, before a possible reboot is in call for, just like how Guilty Gear creators have done with their game.



3.) Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The Power Rangers story was great. Take one of the Rangers greatest threat name Drakkon who wanted ultimate power off the morphing grid, seemly kill off several characters in the Power Rangers universe, bring in characters from all Power Rangers media source, including the recent Power Rangers Movie, and you have yourself one huge battle for not just the world, but the entire dimension. Power Rangers could do another story mode for their game, one that can consist of a new villain wanting to take over the world. Characters like Emperor Grumm, Trakeena, Astronema, or our favorite Lord Zedd could serve as the main villain of the DLC and this could bring in more characters from other Power Ranger series, including Lost Galaxy, Jungle Fury, Dino Charge, or the recent series Beast Morphers and Dino Fury. The more fan favorites popping in, the more thrilling the game and story can be.


2.) Skullgirls

Although it has been years since Skullgirls has had an update to their DLC with new characters, the story is still something that is absent from the game, since the story can be done based on each character, similar to what Blazblue and Guilty Gear has done with their game. However, a linear story mode, similar to what top level games has done, is helpful as we get a chance to know what happen to each characters and what the main story is all about, and how the game would properly end, instead of a knock off 4th wall breaking with two girls playing Skullgirls, and a figure representing one of the characters in the game appears playing as their mother. It’s great that Skullgirls has a good story, a great guessing to how things went, and a dedicated fan-base, but going from the start to finish, with a theory as to how the story actually ends, could boost this game and sales, and a possible call for another sequel.


1.) Street Fighter V


Street Fighter V did release a story mode for DLC, but the truth is, Capcom didn’t need to do that in the first place. Instead of a story mode, we were treated with a single character story which only involved the characters having 1 or 2 fights and is very very short, a blasphemy to what Street Fighter is all about. Although Street Fighter has left a satisfying end, with an anticipating new story centering around Gil, Street Fighter instead has brought in characters for DLC. It’s great that we received new characters, but the thought of a continuing story would have been better, especially since characters like Urien and Gil would later be released and playable to the public. Even characters such as Seth or Poison would have been perfect for the new storyline, focusing on Seth looking for revenge on a character who is long gone, or a Poison starting up her own wrestling promotion with a former M.A.D. Gear Gang member. Street Fighter V would have been the perfect catalyst for future DLC characters or sequel, setting up the bridge for a sequel down the line.

Personal Thoughts: The year 2000


The Year 2000. What is known as one of the greatest years in video game history. 20 years ago many big names were coming out in the arcades and home console and a major gaming system would release their second console. It’s what is to be known as the last hooray for the 5th generation as the 6th generation is slowly creeping around the corner. I find it very memorable since few of the games I grew up with came from the year 2000 and they have stuck around me since then, getting small reboots here and there, and having a slight farewell once 2001 arrive, and on this blog, we’re gonna take a look at the best years of 2000, in my retrospect of course.


When you think of the year 2000, one of the easiest moments to think about is the arrival of the Playstation 2. Sony’s second console, it was pretty much the prototype of what would be the norm of today. While the Dreamcast was able to experiment on online browsing and gaming, as well as portable interactive memory cards, the Playstation continued with their trend of making awesome gaming and the idea of online gaming and expanding it 10 times better. It was more powerful, meaning games like the Metal Gear Solid series and Final Fantasy series look more crisp and cinematic. It stores more data, giving games like the Grand Theft Auto series and Shadow of Colossal were more open world and holding stronger music. And it plays DVD’s, a gimmick that allows non-gamers to go with the cheaper route since DVD’s were becoming a hit sensation at the time. The PS2 didn’t have great releases at the time with the exception of SSX, Midnight Club, and TimeSplitters, but nothing major at all, but that didn’t stop people from purchasing a PS2 due to it’s gimmick. A year later with releases such as Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Final Fantasy X, and soon the Sony Playstation 2 would rocket themselves into stratosphere of greatness, becoming one of the most iconic video game consoles of all time since the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Dreamcast.jpg.49a34974ee79387a7d4fbb929efea622.jpg   download.jpg.d181f71922cea1358c9492d0084ffd8f.jpg 7457812.thumb.png.23e9b476e6a951e09826b94853597626.png

Although the Playstation 2 had a rough start, the Dreamcast didn’t have it easy either as well. Released only a year later and hearing the news of Sony making an even more powerful console that would easily topple the beloved video game company once more since the release of the Sega Saturn and the first Sony Playstation, Sega really needed to prove that their console was the greatest and why fans should pay more attention to them rather than the upcoming PS2. Sega went all out with their releases. We’ve seen Sega Dreamcast release no more than 8 hit games. It’s not all the time we get a console that can release major hit games, especially if you are Nintendo at that time. Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Jet Set Radio, Dead or Alive 2 even Marvel vs Freaken Capcom 2. When your console releases amazing games like this, you sure know you have a winner. Even Shenmue, a game that sadly couldn’t save Sega from financial obscurity, was widely regarded as one of the greatest games Sega has ever put out and one of Yu Suzuki’s greatest work. Hell, it even got fans to break the record for fastest $1 million pledge for a crowdfunded game in nearly 2 hours. That’s just how amazing Sega can be when they allow their creators to have the freedom to make games. Sure, Sega would fall under a year later due to a lack of interest and upgrades to keep up with the PS2, but just for one year we were stuffed with amazing games that would forever continue on in other 6th generation consoles and so on.

143-1430749_squaresoft-logo-during-my-childhood-squaresoft-made-squaresoft.png.e7c0796bf30d6d47c6df3e603bd7be37.png a3c49453b3821d847534eb230263de9c.thumb.png.266cd1857c7150ff27a9df7f1a1c65df.png

While the 6th generation is gearing up for an amazing era, the 5th generation is still in tact, still bringing out amazing games that we can enjoy until the next set of consoles arrive, unless you already own a Dreamcast.The Playstation brought out games such as Spiderman and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Square Enix had the time of their year, release 4 RPG games on the same year (Vagrant Story, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve II, and Final Fantasy IX), and Mega Man Legends 2 were release alongside with a spin off game cal The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Nintendo on the other hand released Mario Party 2, which is widely regarded as the best in the series. Pokemon Stadium allows us to use our game files from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, and play time on the television screen without the need of a cable link in full color, although you do need to own your own game and cartridge as well. Perfect Dark, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, which has given us creepy night terrors unlike anything we have seen in 2000.


Handheld games were treated nicely with Wario Land 3 and Bust-a-Move Millennium and computer games were a sneeze, releasing games such as The Sims, Diablo II, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2, Deus Ex, and Counter Strike. 

download.png.1fe508d4b24e87f012a2a395a7b08bc6.png  bungie-teases-new-ip-in-partnering-with-chinese-giant-netease.thumb.jpg.d99fcd1d1d9f5a9b77810bdc7afc8704.jpg Volition-Logo.png.1b1ee9236151c05d2a1251dc91958acf.png

IGDA, the International Game Design Association, was formed, Microsoft would acquire Bungie which would bring us the Halo series, THQ would acquire Volition which would bring us the Saint’s Row series, and UbiSoft would acquire Red Storm Entertainment which would bring us the Rainbow Six Series. 


The year 2000 was more of a love note from the 5th generation, thanking us for all the excitement that they have given us for the past 5 years and a hello note from the 6th generation that is coming to be. We gave time to look back at what we got from the three major companies as a year later one company would fall off the console wars and new one rises. It’s an event that we’ll never forget and one we ought to celebrate with joy and nostalgia to our hearts content.

Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet La Jazzi Redd


We finish off Black Cosplay Appreciation Month with a cosplayer of mix race and a plus size participant. Facing discrimination and negative attitude from the fan base and commissioners, this cosplay show resistance towards the hate and rejection and continue to show her creative side and her love for cosplaying and the geek culture centering around being a cosplayer. You can follow Redd on Facebook at Ju Smith or on Instagram at Lajazziredd. Here is her story:

"By day, I'm a data scientist that helps fortune 50 companies decide what information to capture and how to use that information. I've worked on everything from creating social media personas, writing for web, sem/seo, digital & mobile app analytics, digital reputation management to training/teaching and including humanity in algorithims, predictive analytics & strategy. By night, I'm a casual cosplayer who creates costumes and pushes the message that: cosplay is art in motion, and each of us has a place in this community. The message is so important- especially for intersectional cosplayers (like me for example: black & asian, plus sized & disabled).


Technically, my journey started back in 2002 when my mom & I spent about 80 hours creating my first costume (15th Century, empire waist tea dress for a History project) because my size and proportions made buying a dress impossible. It's really funny to think about how many costumes we created between 2002-2013 that I never counted toward my "cosplay" time because I didn't "know" that was the name for what I did. Officially, in 2013, my friend introduced me to cosplay after realizing that I made the dress she wanted to buy in her size. A few months later, I brought 2 River Song costumes to Wizard World Chicago and spent hours explaining to people how I got my fabric just right, free handed my patterns, and how I made them in general.


As a plus sized cosplayer, making my entire costume is usually my only option. Most people who take commissions won't take mine (either because I'm too big or my waist/hip difference is too large for them to accommodate), and buying clothes for costumes is even harder than buying clothes for everyday- which is already really hard. As a black & asian cosplayer, race is always a part of the discussion. Either by racial slurs, the micro aggression of "mixed jasmine," being told what characters I cannot cosplay or some weird combination of them. As a disabled cosplayer, the logistics of everything always has to be planned. I'm a part time wheelchair user, so accessibility of getting around is always top of mind. Creating costumes that can easily be adapted to include my wheelchair or a scooter makes the creation process so much harder. Once I add in the anxiety & PTSD, some days I'm fighting against feeling overwhelmed. In general, I know that every con I attend, I will be subjected to hate- race based, size based, able body based, etc. Some moments are really hard because of the sheer volume of hearing it and seeing how many people in our community feel that way. I get asked a lot on how I am so resilient despite the negativity. I don't talk about it often, but I get at least 1 death threat or "go kill yourself" at every con because of my size, race or non able bodied status. But the truth is... I'm so incredibly thankful to every person in my support circle and my family who helped me develop a strong and positive view of myself. I love me, and I hope that can be seen in my cosplay, my support circle reminds me that others love me too, I'm never actually alone- even when I feel that way. , and they hold me accountable. Please find your tribe.


Honestly... It's so amazing when I see us rally around us and showing how we can carve out our own space within this community I think cosplaying while continue to improve on inclusivity & diversity. I think that technology is going to change the way many of us build costumes, envision characters, and cosplay in general. I hope we get to a future where each of us finds our own safe space within the cosplay community."

Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet Blade


When people grow up, they feel that adulthood takes over, that play time is over and it's time to get series about life (careers, homes, food, relationship). What little time we have for play is replace with the need to improve ourselves and the need to be secure in the future. But study shows that play is essential for adults, activities and hobbies can help improve one's mental health as well as psychical too. What better what to keep a strong mental health than cosplaying. This is Blade, a cosplayer who enjoys cosplaying, not just for the representation, but for the fun and like minded individuals. You can find Blade on Facebook under Michael Osborne and follow him on Instagram at Mxo24. Here is his story:

"I work at an airport and work


I went to my first comic con and saw a lot of people in cosplay and wanted to be part of it. However there weren't a lot of black heroes to present. So I researched and tried Luke cage which was normal and eventually stepped up as blade as my to go guy. Cosplaying feels like your present you artwork to a gallery and meeting like minded individuals. I had hoped to find a girlfriend from socializing there (lol). Every time I see people in cosplay, I cant help but try to improve it more each year. I don't know when I'll stop but I having fun!


People thinking I'm acting like a kid or thinking it's unethical. I was scared of what my family would think but they were okay with and knew I was a responsible man.


I hope to make an armor-based hero or futuristic samurai. I hope to win a cosplay competition.."

Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet Jamarri


There are many reasons as to why people would get involve in cosplaying. Yet, those who cosplay for the greater good such as lifting the spirits of sick children in the hospital or getting involve in a charity event is more the ever so special. Today, we meet Jamarri, a cosplayer who has done the latter of the two and since then has been cosplaying for all his life up to this day. You can find Jamarri on Facebook at JuiceManCosplay and on Instagram at juiceman_cosplay. Here is his story:

"I'm a print designer by trade; currently working for SEIU 1199 New England, the Healthcare Employees Union as their Communication Specialist - I handle all outgoing communications to members as well as maintaining our website and social media content


I've been attending cons since 2011, but decided to cosplay as Insomniac Spiderman for the first time in 2017 at a local con. I met up with a friend who introduced me to his friend who was looking for cosplayers to photograph and/or join a charity group called 'The Band of Heroes'. I dived head first into cosplaying then and haven't looked back.


Being a person of color, we get a lot of backlash for cosplaying characters who aren't POC. There's also the skill gap being sort of new to it all; crafting with foam and sewing are something I'm working on now.


I enjoy cosplaying and attending cons as an escape from everyday life; but would love to partner up with a company or two in the future!"

Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet Mandygirlsmiles


Cosplaying can sometimes bring a vibrant ray of energy from those who always wanted to get involve. It's the opportunity to finally become that character you always watched on the screen or in art form and bring them to life. For Mandygirlsmiles, it's something that she loves and enjoys and something that has help bring her creativity and attitude to life. You can follow her on Instagram at Mandygirlsmiles and on Facebook at Amanda Whitley. Here's her story:


" Hello My name is Amanda. I am 34 yrs old from NYC. I work as a scheduling coordinator for a hospice. I am a proud mama to an 11 year old girl who also cosplays. I love all things nerdy obscure and different. My face cosplays so far is Squirrel girl, my Hellgirl, my peach raider, and cannabis ivy lol.



I've always been a fan of costumes (Halloween is my fave) My love for geek culture drives me too. I wanted to meet like minded individuals. I also had a wish to expand my creativity. I enjoy cosplay I've never looked back!




I am not a stickler for accuracy, more so the art of bringing these characters to life. Sometimes I can get over ambitious and become overwhelmed. But when I complete a cosplay I feel complete and proud. I can be a procrastinator but when I have an idea in my head I must execute it. Last year I started embracing using my own hair in my cosplays. I was hesitant at first, being me and my hair haven't always had the best relationship. I was overwhelmed with the love and look forward to rocking my fro as much as possible. Proudly shining through with my Afro Latina roots :)



I see cosplay being more accepting. Soon I hope it becomes totally colorblind. We are all nerds once and for all. I wish the hate and cosplay snobs disappear. COSPLAY IS FOR ALL Two I hope to continue to grow in my crafting and armor work."

Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month: Meet nelld_it_cosplay


To kick off our inaugural Appreciation Month, we take a look at nelld_it_cosplay. A hero to our country and a hero to the kids in hospitals and in honorary to a child of his own. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram under nelld_it_cosplay and on Twitter @nelld_it81. Here's his story. 

"I am a 38 year old army veteran. I currently work in the nuclear industry. I’m married and have 4 kids. I’m currently studying computer engineering and in my free time I enjoy gaming, comics, and movies.


A friend of mine does hospital visits to the children’s hospital dressed as super heroes and pass out toys. So back 2013 he asked me if I’d be interested in doing it. My wife and I had lost a child at 3 months the year before, so when he asked me I agreed to go as a way to honor his memory.


One of the challenges I am faced with is balancing work, family, school, and cosplay. There were times where I’ve been con crunching to get a cosplay ready and study and also take finals. I have also faced people telling me the characters I cosplay aren’t black like Thor, Star Lord, and The Punisher.


In the future there will probably be a lot more technology incorporated with in the design of a cosplay."

Black Cosplayer Appreciation Month Intro


Every February, the US celebrates Black History Month, a dedication to those who push the boundaries of civil rights and equality in all forms of political, entertainment, education, invention, crafts, and physical feats. Many people will remember the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, to athletes such as Jackie Robinson, Jessie Owens, Muhammad Ali, to musicians such as Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald and many many  more important people. We always have someone to look up to and not only give thanks to their contributions, but also inspiration and dedication to their believes of what they love doing and what they believe in. Yet for this month, we look into something that is part of the crafts and something that centers are geek culture, cosplaying. For this month, we look at four (or more) cosplayers who explain in their own words what got them involve in cosplaying, the struggles of being a cosplayer either by their own personal problems or challenges by hecklers, and their take about cosplaying in the future. While I and many others who helped out accept all cosplayers of all color, gender, size, disabilities, and sexual orientation, we take a look at those of colored cosplayers and celebration their contributions and many others who enjoy participating in this amazing hobby that brought joys and wonders to those who have interest in cosplaying or has aspiration of being a cosplayer. For all those involve, we say thanks!

Best Gaming Moments of 2019


Best Gaming Moments of 2019


Only a few days away from the milestone year of 2020. Now last post I talked about the worst moments of gaming. Well it's time to turn a 180 and focus on the best moments of gaming. What could make things better than Government intervention and a terrible TOS policy? Let's find out. 


10 E3 press conference shines


While E3 did had a slump due to Sony's absence and a poor opening to the weekend, E3 did have some shiny moments, including some that went balls to the wall. With Sony away, Microsoft and Nintendo had the opportunity to display what they have in store without certain trailers being repeated. Games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Smash Bros getting a huge ovation for one actor or character involved, and new announcements were made which included a new console coming out by Microsoft. 


Devolver continues their weird presentation as a yearly movie for 30 minutes. But Square Enix took the cake with their numerous announcements including Final Fantasy VII remake trailer and gameplay, Avengers release, Dragon Quest spin offs and several HD remixes. 


While Sony no showing E3 may have hurt the convention weekend, it gave us an opportunity to see what other companies were capable of if we never noticed it and how dedicated and passionate they have for gaming. Hopefully in 2020, E3 would become bigger. 


9 EA releases a Good Star Wars game


Sure, we'll always pick on EA, poking fun at the company for making below par games, killing off our favorite game or franchise, and being named worst company of the year in two straight occasions, but every now and then there's a diamond in the rough that we underlook


At E3, EA has revealed their latest Star Wars Trailer which is an action adventure game. EA didn't have a strong mark when it comes to their Star War games with their last release being disastrous and afterward cancelling on a Star Wars project right afterward. Still, like the rebels in Star Wars and ever last Jedi, there were some hope that this game is the one and slowly started to pick up fan fare. 


Days after release and it's a mega hit! Star Wars:Fallen Order have felt like a Star War games fans wanted it all this time, being able to have an adventure like a Jedi, using Jedi powers, fighting for the resistance, and even exploring different words. That's basically Star Wars in a nutshell. Sure, it was the company that helped brought out another mega hit Apex Legend, but still EA had their paw prints on it and like a Jedi master, they're able to give hope and preservation that we the pupils wanted to have for a long long time. For that, Thanks EA. Hopefully the Force would continue to be with you. 


8 Shanghai Dragons wins their first game


Nothing beats the satisfaction of 'The First'. Your first kill in a shooting game. Your first victory at a tournament bracket. Your first championship win. The feeling of winning it all after all the hard work and dedicated you put make that first everlasting satisfying. Especially when you've never been considered a contender in the first place. 


The Shanghai Dragons were shamefully honored as the first, and at this point, the only team to never win a single game at the Overwatch league. Now that's Cleveland Brown league standards. Each time when it felt they were getting that first victory, especially in a tiebreaker match, they just fall short to capitalize a win. Few have hope for the team, many have considered them the worst of all time. It would take a lot to turn this lowly team around in the next season. Shanghai would get a new team, new coaching staff, and a new hope only to lose their first two games during the first stage of the second season. However, things shockingly change in their third game of the new season. On February 23rd, The Shanghai Dragons would win their first game of the Overwatch League against the Boston Uprising, winning the series 3-1. It was a shocking moment and a monumental day, fans were crying out of joy, teams from all over the league congratulation the Dragons on winning their first game, including the Uprising themselves. But what came afterward was unexpected.


Shanghai would reach the stage 2 playoffs, losing to the eventual winner of the stage, the San Francisco Shock, and would return as the huge underdog of stage 3, beating out New York Excelsiors, Vancouver Titans, and the San Francisco Shock to win the stage 3 finals. Shanghai would make it to the play-in playoffs for a wild card spot to the Grand Finals tournament, but would be eliminated from contention. 


Shanghai really turned things around in 2019, and had fans believed in the hype. Even I, a strong NYXL fan, have believed in the hype and slowly became a Dragons fan after their first victory and know how great this team can be. For that, the Dragons will always rise!


7 Great revival games


2019 has showed that even games from the past do deserve to make a comeback ever now and then, and these games proved how much we enjoyed a good ol remake. 


In this year alone we have seen classical games from the Playstation 1 era getting a remake. Games such as Resident Evil 2, Crash Team Racing, Final Fantasy VIII has an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the masses, bringing back nostalgia to gamers who played them in past consoles while opening up a new fan base to their genre. Link’s Awakening change the art direction and landscape of the Zelda games, making one of the most beautiful design games Nintendo has ever produced. And games such as Ni No Kuni and Catherine from the last generation of consoles and even WOW Classic, has continued the excitement of classic gaming turning into modern sensation.


Since the hype of old games getting the HD remix is still fresh in the minds of all gamers today, several companies have announced remakes of classical hit games which includes Resident Evil 3. Hopefully more companies would follow the trend and all old games to get one last hooray before the new generation of gaming comes around in 2020.


6 Year of Indie games


It maybe very cliche with each year passing by, but by far this is one of the best years for Indie game.


This year alone we have some of the best games people have put out for our entertainment and our awareness. Games that capture social knowledge of pain, struggle, and challenges such as Gris or Prism while other brings laughter and joy such as Cadence of Hyrule and Untitled Goose Game. 


It seems that each year, small developer team are given a chance to shine and show their imagination, creativity, skills, and passion for gaming. And compared to big title games in the industry that Capcom, Square Enix, and Naughty Dog put out, these small studios can prove they can hang with the big boys even with little budget they have. Especially when said game stole the show like...


5 The Disco Elysium award show


Say what you will about the award show, but for one night, no company has ever done a sweep like this indie game has ever did. Disco Elysium is an indie roleplaying game developed by Za/Um studio, centering around you as a cop cracking cases within the city. During the award, the small company were going up against some of the most popular and strong contenders for some of the awards including Death Stranded, the Outer Worlds, and Control. Shockingly, Disco Elysium beat off top contenders and easily won best Indie game of the year, sweeping their nomination to a 4 out of 4 victory.


The idea of an indie game beating out Triple A title games can be shocking for sure, and had it gone for Game of the Year, which is going on for IGN at this point, it might have won. While many would say that the award show is rigged, I highly go against it since of course this is fan voted, and the amount of fan support Disco Elysium had pretty much open the doors to those who have never heard of the game to get  a chance and check it out. So here’s to an Indie company who has the best chance of pulling out the impossible and hope that the game itself and do more to give support to an indie studio.


4 oLarry return to esports competition


After the tragic shooting during a Madden competition, oLarry received major hand injury that has altered his gaming prowess. With the possibility of never competing in a high level competition, oLarry took option B and decide to alter his games and controller to keep up with the competition. Within months, oLarry returned to Esports competition and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers Esports team in NBA2K series.    


oLarry controller has been modified to work with his disability and showed that anyone can make a return to gaming after such a tragedy. His inspiration and determination has lead him to win the inaugural best Esports moment award at the ESPN's ESPY awards. 


For sheer determination, grits, and guts to not only survive a horrific moment in gaming but push on through and make it big in Esports, oLarry gets a spot on this list for his efforts. Game on man. 


3 Riot games massive announcements


Riot games has always been known for one game and one game alone, League of Legends. As they celebrate their 10 year anniversary and being the top Esports games, Riot games lay a smackdown that we all might have never expected at all. 


It seems that MOBA games aren't the only genre Riot wanted to focus on, as news broke out that Riot games have been working on several other games at their studios, including a tactical shooting game and a fighting game. Riot has shaken the world with this earth trembling news and may soon shatter it once we hear more about it in the future. The secret was blown before announcement, but in either case it's a great chance for this one game studio wonder to expand and prove they can create more than just League of Legends 


2 Hideo Kojima return to prominent status


When Hideo Kojima left Konami, it brought a lot of backlash towards the company. One of Konami's greatest developers have been shafted and even blackballed from appearing the award show to collect his award, a game he is famous for creating! It also pull the plug of a promising return to the Silent Hill franchise and even created a Metal Gear Solid game entirely different than what we play, using the name to lure players over. 


That is until Kojima decided to create a game of his own with a team off his production studio. Each trailer release, we draw closer and closer to how wonderful the game looks and what it means. Strange babies, a deserted world with dark creatures, Norman Reedus in the game. So many has happening we gotten more and more engaged. 


While Death Stranded have mixed reviews, many have felt interested in trying out the game. Some may have called it the greatest game of 2019. The game has been nominated in several awards list for best adventure and even other categories as well and has proven once more how talented Kojima is even without a trademark company like Konami. 


And with the recent news of Kojima hinting a new title on the works, there are those who look closely to what Kojima has in store for us, especially with his blessed talents. Let us hope it for one of his masterpieces returning. 


Honorable Mention: Marvel extraordinary year


Marvel has been known for making some of the most action pack blockbuster movies. While we would get one or two films, Marvel release 3 major films in 2019, all back to back to back critic acclaim favorites meanwhile 2 films from the past year enter the Academy Awards nomination. 


Let’s start off with Black Panther and Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-verse. Both films have received several nominations in the award show winning most of the awards, including Best Original Score and Costume Design for Black Panther, and Best Animated Film by Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-verse. Black Panther’s victory marked the first set of Academy awards Marvel Studios have won, meanwhile Spider-Man trumped out other major films like Isle of Dogs, Incredibles 2, and Ralph Breaks the Internet


Meanwhile on the releases, Captain Marvel sets up the final series of the Marvel saga Avengers: Endgame. And while avoiding spoilers, the film has helped pave the way and shape the future of the Marvel timeline, with Spiderman: Far from Home film being to date one of the greatest Marvel Film of all time. And with the hype of Black Widow in 2020, Marvel Studios will continue to push forth even more extraordinary films that we fans crave for with our favorite set of heroes. One that Thanos cannot erase.


1 The rise of Mixer


When Ninja left Twitch to join Mixer, it was a major news. Sure, Mixer has been for some time, however, with Twitch being the major star in video game streaming and other genres, there was no point in joining Mixer unless you already have an audience. Now that mentally is thrown away as Mixer is a breath of fresh air for those who either wanted to build up a community after floundering on Twitch, or want to escape from Twitch’s lucrative contract and/or policies. 


Sure it was a shock when Ninja joined Mixer, and by that time it felt like a mass exodus was about to occur. Streamers from Twitch felt either encourage or curious to move to Mixer with some trying out and done live streaming on the channel. For some, it was convincing enough to stay, while others felt moving to a new channel isn’t worth it at the moment for whatever reason they may have. They introduce certain features that made Twitch feel rather behind the times, and the environment was also different than Twitch itself, depending on who you ask about their experience.


While Mixer has yet to hit mega star power, compare to Twitch, the streaming service seems to be accepted by everyone, even those within various communities, as they welcome Mixer users and willing to keep their members in the community as well, building up a streamer relationship for streamers. Twitch may still be going on, but for Mixer, it gives streamers a chance to go somewhere else should they feel threatened or uninterested on Twitch, and thus is my number one pick for the best moment in 2019


Got any of your favorite moments from 2019 that I missed? Be sure to let me know on the comment below

Worst 2019 moments in gaming


Worst 2019 moments in gaming


In just a short few days we are about to hit a milestone. 2020. Another year to engage ourselves into the releases we all be dying to indulge ourselves in. Another decade of new generations, new innovations, and new companies rising. And another chance to promise ourselves we are going to complete said game or purchase said game only to once again procrastinate on it. But before we could move on it's time to look back at the past and see some not so great moments. We have to go through serious amount of BS in our lives but for this case there some stuff we as gamers have to endure to this point. So on this countdown we take a look at the top 10 worst gaming moments of 2019. 


10 E3 Woes

Before I continue, E3 is also on my best list so let's get the reason why it was the worst. 


This year's E3 feels a bit lack over the weekend as news broke out months prior to the event that Sony will not be participating in the weekend extravaganza. This left a huge hole in the gaming convention not just for its star power, but for the heavy gaming news that we fans and gamers wanted to hear. We wanted to know more about PlayStation exclusive and the Last of Us 2. We wanted to see Final Fantasy VII remake on the PS4. We wanted to know more about the next installment of the PlayStation family. We needed to wait each month for Sony’s State of Play announcements to see trailers of our favorite games and when they will be coming out. Even though it’s good, it does deprive those in attendance a chance to watch it on the grandest stage of all.


But it isn't just Sony's absence that it feel flat as E3 kicked off on a flat note thanks to the presentation Google Stradia done. No news about what games would be involved, and if so, the games didn't really have any on air game play, just demos and how Google Stradia works. Google focus so much about how people can be able to play on any device and their offer that they don't consider the thought that games are the essential point of having a video game console or saving cloud, not just the game.


EA has also dropped out and made their own press conference which is okay I guess. It seems that E3 is slowly fading away or feels like it with state of play or Nintendo news comes up which offers quick news in short amount of time about upcoming games and trailers besides the use of a full hour and a half to 2 hour presentation. Let's hope that in their 25 year anniversary, E3 can make a grand spectacle once again. 


9 Anthem


In 2018, EA dedicated most of their time talking about their newest game coming out call Anthem. They spent almost an hour talking about how the game was made, what was their purpose, their mission, and who gamers could expect when they purchase this game. Well, it seems that EA has once again gone under the trend of saying their promises but not keeping it. 


Let's talk about preorder debacle. EA set up a confusing timeline for when the game will have an early access and for who. It seems those who hold an account under the origin software program would get the game first, tossing the idea of same day release or early access right out of the window. It gives the insight that if you aren't a member of EA, you'll just have to wait for the game. But hey, the wait can give the suspense of the game more exciting, right?! Well not exactly.

As stated by fellow Embr and TeamForge member, "...it's just the same missions over and over with no real difference between then. the javelin suit are the best thing about the game and are the reason I stuck around for so long. but once you have all of them you don't really have a reason to keep playing if they added something with some challenge and originality id happily go back to it but until then it's just going to gather dust on my shelf."




It's just another poor concept that was over hyped yet under deliver. Maybe with future updates, the game would be great, as always games with poor performance do tend to get better down the line with updates but as far as it's release goes, it was shafted. 


8.) Stradia poor launch


Google is known as a major internet guru to this date. Not only are they the most popular search engine, but they go beyond servicing our needs such as Gmail and other apps like Google docs. They have their own laptop and smartphone line. And even done daring venture such as Google lens. So naturally, video games would be a great investment since video games are becoming more and more accessible everywhere. Well there's a reason why Google has trash most of their failed products after poor launches. 


Google Stradia has an interesting concept, allowing people to play their favorite games on all devices no matter how small the screens are. The concept was great on paper but the execution was poor. After getting so much hype following their announcement, Google has given less and less news about their newest program until E3 of 2019 and we all know how bad that press conference went, only giving features and prices of their packages. Google Stradia release did have mixed reviews but on and all it didn't hit the mark, failing to capture audience attention with their price or ideals. Non subscribers needed to pay more than subscribers and games cost way too much than physical copies. Along with that, the Stradia did have some connection issues from time to time, having game crash and rebooted only to have the game continue without not movement or interaction. Google Stradia do need time to build up their library, process, and of course games since their games actually cost more than the disc copies they were competing against. Hopefully 2020 Google can turn things around. 


7.) Activation/Blizzard release 8% of employees


Man. Activation/Blizzard has had one rough year. Along with something that will be on this list, they've remove Heroes of the Storm as an E-sport due to low view rate. Canceled their Starcraft FPS to focus more on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. And has been the target of media backlash, from fans to co-workers, and even the government themselves, but this started their snowball to their decent. 


On a cold February month, the company has released nearly 800 staff members from their company. Now, letting go employees is always bad, no one wants to experience that at all, but witnessing nearly a 1000 letting go is just brutal. It's all to help cost cutting measures as Bungie drop their partnership with the company to make Destiny on their own and a surprise mega hit from EA call Apex Legend. Even games such as Hearthstone and Overwatch could not be able to offset the cost cutting measures that the company needed making this one of the worst moments in company history. And with the rise of gaming demands, it can be pretty tough to be able to find another job that may have the same offering that Activation/Blizzard have, especially with most of these studios popping up either everywhere or mostly being a small studio with less than 50 people. Let’s hope for a better future in 2020.


6.) Last of Us 2 date pushed back. 


Getting a game pushed back is bad enough, but when you get the most anticipated video game of all time pushed but even further, then it pretty much sucks. 


The Last of Us is one of PlayStation mega hits, centering around survival during a post apocalyptic world, the game has an impact on storytelling and characters that brings you closer to them. After the trailer in 2018's E3 press conference, which strangely happened on a separate stage, fans are dying to know more about the sequel. We get it in a shocking trailer a year later with their initial release early 2020. They're main reason is of course to polish the game up and meet Naughty Dog standards way, which of course has it's intentional right to do so. Either way this does sting fans alike that this game gets a push back. 


There hasn’t been many  games that has so much hype that the Last of Us 2 has created. Okay there are plenty of games, but when a game do get pushed we just have to await for the release and hope that whatever they needed to work on makes the waiting game worth it.


5.) The Extra Life Hack


November 2nd. A day in which gamers from all over the world get a chance to help contribute to their  local hospital and help sick children by gaming and donating to raise money and awareness. It's a great noble act from the Extra Life organization and gives gamers a chance to participate in a charity event for the first time. However, some scrooge figure it's a great idea to steal money from sick children.


The donation page was flown for a certain amount of time due in part of an attempted hack on the server and attempt to not only collect the payment but also card information. This disgusting act of cyber crime halted the donation process for hours as participants game without getting a chance to raise a single dollar. The organization was able to resolve the problem and the event has gone on with the group refunding money to several donors as an apology for what has happened. While cyber hacking is nothing new, the thought of doing this to kids in need is very sickening and despicable, trying to make money at the expense of people's lives. Let's just hope that this mustache twirling fools gets the shaft before attempting to perform another dastardly act like this. 


4.) Wai Chung suspension


Well, it's two for two on Blizzard and this one is just damaging. Following a Hearthstone competition, Hearthstone veteran Ng "Blitzchung" Wai Chung was set to take a webcam interview to discuss his performance on that day's competition. During the protest that is going on between China and Hong Kong, Wai Chung don a gas mask and goggles and shot out liberate Hong Kong during the simulcast, having two shout caster chuckled in embarrassment before quickly ending the video. Blizzard was so upset at this event, that they immediately suspended both Wai Chung and the shout-caster for an entire year and even strip Wai Chung of his prize earning. This sparked outrage within the gaming community, calling Blizzard a supporter of China and even believed Wai Chung career was martyred for his beliefs of his country. Many people have even denounced Blizzard and demand a boycott of the gaming company, suspending their battle net subscription and even remove their games off their desktop or laptop. 


Blizzard notices their mistake and even have opened up Blizzcon 2019 talking about the events, returning the prize money to Wai Chung and dropping their suspension from 12 months to 6, citing that Wai Chung has violated Blizzard’s code of conduct and express political in a company that wants to focus more on gaming. This still angers people and felt that justice hadn't been served, just patched up. Moments like this can cause quite a heated debate on whether or not Blizzard did the right thing. One one hand, Blizzard acted too radical and too quickly with their policy, suspending Wai Chung and the shout-caster immediately without thinking twice as to what may happen or investigating the situation. On the other hand, Wai Chung knew what he was getting into and still went with it anyway, violating some people wanted to get away from. Gaming is a great way to ease the stress even from what the world news has been going on with loads of protest, political corruption, and disasters along the way, and he uses this to his advantage to add more news that really didn’t need to be necessary in the first place. Maybe a tweet would be less damaging than an interview. Even yours truly do feel conflicted on whether this was the right thing to do on both ends. Whichever the case may be, Blizzard just needed to find a way to defuse the situation, now that Wai Chung’s suspension is slowly winding down.



3) Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah suicide


It’s always terrible to deal with someone who has committed suicide. It always is. People with mental illness find it hard to get the answers that they want and even struggle to continue on with life when things don’t go as they see. To some extent, some would even try to call out for help out of hinted words or actions, but unless it can easily be picked up, it may be too late. Such case with this next entry on this list. Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah is a creator content on YouTube, mostly focusing on Nintendo Games, and enjoyed gaming for most of his childhood. While he gain a following for his work and has inspired words which included his signature catchphrase "Take care of yourself. Have yourself a damn good one!", for one reason or another, he began to show troubling signs of attention. On one instant, Amofah began uploading pornography to his YouTube account and proceed to drop homophobic slurs to his Twitch account, both ended up being banned by their servers. A few months later he would tweet cryptic messages to the masses on his actions and some would quickly picked up on what is going on. Just days later after his final tweet and video posting, police officials in New York were able to recover his body from a nearby pier, confirming he was dead on sight.


This shocking moment sparked tweets of sorry and dismay to this event and ironically enough raised awareness towards suicidal thoughts and actions in this world. For those who are involved in creating content almost on a daily basis, it can be tough keeping up with today's standards as well as dealing with the negative backlash that might be preceded by either fans, gamers, nerds, and worst of all trolls. However, the ideal of suicide is a big news, showing that people need help any time of the day to not only get through the day, but get through in life and keep on enjoying what they do.


2) Government attacking Video games


It seems that video games cannot take a break when it comes to violent crimes here in America or even in the world. No matter how many times study show that violent video games aren’t the cause of what is going on, the government and officials still plug up their ears, close their eyes, and yell gibberish noises to block up all facts and walk away from it all. The only why this isn’t number 1 is because one, it’ll be too easy, and two that number 1 spot is deserving of another bad moment. 


In one weekend of a hot August summer, the US has suffered not one, not two, not three, but four massive shooting in four different states!! Dozens of people were killed including the gunman in certain states, and hundreds of people were hospitalized from this tragic event during the weekend. While there were time to mourn the loss of those who were killed in the weekend, several lawmakers, politicians, and even task force has blamed violent video games once more for influencing these mass shootings and has called for action to regulate violent video games once and for all, having no connections whatsoever to the shooting since the shooting tragedy were targeted by those of race and beliefs.


It’s just annoying to hear how easily avoidable these people feel when it comes to investigating and taking responsibility towards preventing mass murders such as these four events. No matter how many times scientists and representative has discussed about the connection between violent video games and real world violence, as well as out cry and anger from people in the United States against gun violence, it seems that they just don’t care, willing to put more lives on the line until they are able to get what they want.


And let’s say this in a hypothetical world that we live in that video games were being found guilty and regulated as they expected and were able to get violent video games outlawed, yet Gun violence and mass shootings is still on the rise, what excuse would they have towards this? Would it be, “Welp! We’re sorry about that?” Well sorry isn’t going to help fix things up now would they.


Unfortunately, things won’t change and so long as there are violent video games in this world, there is still something they’ll blame on to avoid getting on the negative shoulders of our politician and organization. 


Dishonorable Mention: Kyoto Animation Arson Attack

Outside of Gaming I decided to give a special Dishonorable mention when it comes to pop culture world and nothing comes to my mind more than the Kyoto Animation Arson Attack in July. Suspect Shinji Aoba has started a massive fire at the studio headquarters, killing 36 people and hurting 39, making this one of the worst attacks in Japanese history since the aftermath of World War II. The suspect Shinji Aoba has had been reported for several criminal offenses including mental illness and revenge, for what has yet to be disclosed. This tragic event caused a major set back on awards and releases the company was set to have in 2019 and 2020, and some of their work were recovered. However, with the good gracious of several other animation studios and fans support, Kyoto Animation has returned to their normal daily life and even trained new future employees on sketching, animation, and movies, giving a better hope for Kyoto Animation in the future. Let’s us hope that Kyoto can shine through this painful moment.


1 Twitch shitty TOS 

I maybe under hot water for this and there may be a chance I would join Mixer following this post, but I feel that each year Twitch has a way to screw people over and more so those who were more in the innocence of streaming than the others. Twitch has been under fire over the past couple of months for punishing those who were cosplaying or involved in a scary moment during IRL streamer, stating that their conduct of performance deemed fowl and distasteful for viewers and that their violating the code of conduct Twitch has. Meanwhile other Twitch users such as Tfue, who uses racial slurs during his stream, Alinity, who abuses her cat, were instead overlooked, getting away with no reciprocation nor punishment for their actions at all, especially when their videos have gone viral including on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and articles such as Polygon and Kotaku.


It seems money were important when it comes to such streamers since these streamers pop up large number of viewers and advertising revenue, but not all the time a streamer would play ball. Fornite sensation, Ninja, has left Twitch in the Summer to join up with Mixer, stating marketing and financial downfall with the major gaming streaming guru. And what did Twitch do in response to Ninja’s departure? Did they focus on small streamers to help build up a better gaming community? Did they decide to find someone that can be their next cornerstone of gaming? NOPE! They decided to stream pornography videos on Ninja’s old page. Class act folks. 


While I’ll always stream on twitch and many of you too, there is an odd feeling there’s a glass ceiling over our heads, waiting to be smacked hard when we reach a certain point and get slapped with a suspension for being ourselves, not some a-hole or a need of desperate attention through naughty attitude, but being able to game what we love and chatting with viewers about various topics. Twitch may need to revise their policies and even look over the loads of elephants in the room, otherwise, we may see another mass exodus that could eventually put Twitch out of business.


See something that I missed, let me know in the comment section below. Be sure to Thumbs up this blog and stay tune as the Best of 2019 is coming around soon. Stay Awesome everyone.


Video games award 2003

Folks! Can you feel it? In just a short few hours we are going to have our annual games award show. A chance to acknowledge the best that video games has offered over the past 12 months. And while this year do have some strong contentions, not all the time do we feel that the games involved are worth it. Whether it's the categories, the games, or most of all the selected winners, there is always something that can cause a divisible remarks on whether the winner select was actually the right one,  especially when you have to look back at the very first video games award. 


Not many award shows were dedicated to video games at that time. Most of it were done on gaming magazines or internet websites. G4 TV has done a video games award in 2003, but they call it the best of 2003, not so as an award show. But for the first time, video games were able to get their recognition on a cable network that slowly gaining its popularity. However, what we got is a showcase as to why we ought to leave it to critics and fans of said hobby, ones who knows a lot about video games and what makes them great, and not some group that has a single minded on what the network is all about. Let's see how they screwed things up. 


Looking at the list of awards it seems as if things look like another other award show you find on websites or magazines, especially up to this date. With awards such as Fighting Game of the Year, Action Game of the Year, and Shooting Game of the Year, along with the convenient Game of the Year award, it feels as if things would be properly set for a fun show. Except for some odd awards such as Best Game Based on a Movie award and Most Addictive Game of the Year. Saying that title really didn't age well folks when you think about it. The show presents the nominees for each award along with trailers and performances to keep the crowd entertained. And while I have yet to find the show nor their performance I will do my best to judge the show off the the winners of certain awards. 


For starters, things do look pretty well and accurate. Halo winning best PC game may a bit tough since it was against titles like Warcraft III and Command and Conquer: Zero hero. Showing how strong Halo is on PC with their online multiplayer and use for the popular show Red vs Blue. Jedi Knights of the Old Republic winning Fantasy game of the year was on the mark since Star Wars was at its peak at that time and Lucas arts games were making great games, also being able to roleplay as a Jedi sounds cool. Call of Duty winning Shooting game of the year gave us a precursor of the games popularity and what lies ahead of the series capability before it goes down the drain. Awards like Handheld and Performance of the year was able to acknowledge for the hard work that the men and women have done into making these games, well before some award shows were able to pick up these awards. 


Then...there are these awards. Best Animation of the Year gives a great excuse to award DOA Xtreme Volleyball with the award. Apparently, tits and ass outbeats anime and comic style any time of the day. The driving game of the year is given to Nascar. No disrespect to the racing genre but seeing this list makes the award feel very underwhelming, as racing wasn't really at its peak at this time. Best fighting game of the year award is given to a wrestling game. Yes. WWE Here comes the Pain trumped power house Soul Calibur II, SNK vs Capcom 2, Def Jam Vendetta, and Virtua Fighter 4 for the award. I wonder if the award has to do with the fact that WWE Raw was on Spike TV at that time. Although these awards would raise an eyebrow, nothing speaks controversy then the biggest award of all, Game of the Year award. Why?


Ladies and Gentlemen, your game of the year is…..Madden 2004 ...Seriously. In what would become on of the most laughing and most questionable moment to this date, Madden 2004, a game that did not win Sports Game of the Year, mind you, was able to beat GTA Vice City, Legend of Zelda Windwaker, Star Wars, Socom, and yes, the game that beat the title for Sports Game of the Year, Tony Hawk Underground!! Won Game of the Year award. Why?! What makes this so special? Don't get me wrong, I don't think Madden is a bad game nor do I believe it was terrible to be included, but to overlook such popular games as what I have listed above feels like these people who run the award show has no idea on what gaming is all about. What makes it painful was the demographic mindset at that time and their motto. Spike TV was not a great place to host a video games award since the ideal of the channel was everything for Men, meaning that video gaming at that time wasn’t strongly manly at that time. While I can be wrong at this theory, the verdict stands that these people aren’t capable of selecting the right categories or winners at this show.


To it's credit the award show did have categories that would go on to be reused to this date, including the best music and best actor. They were able to capture ideas that no magazines are willing to cover or haven’t covered at that time and even capture the thoughts and minds of the people who are involved. The award shows did improve over the years with Spike TV embrace video gaming fully in 2006. However the quality of the show varies, some saying it was good to meh, to others describing why it sucked. The award shows now have it's own premise location on sites like YouTube and Twitch and has never looked back to going on television network. While it has improved over the years, it comes with a great reminder that not all award shows are going to bat a 100% and there will be some missteps along the way, but be glad we wouldn't have to deal with a fumble like the 2003 yet again. 


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Top 10 Horror movie icons


When the first horror movie is made, a new phenomenon is made to test movie goers courage and psyche. When horror movie icon Frankenstein come on to the screen, a series of icom monsters follow by, like Dracula, the Werewolf, and the Mummy. Then in the 80's blood were exploited and creative kills help push the horror film to something that we enjoy and anticipate with our favorite horror flicks. While horror films can have changed over the time with revamps or remakes of classical films, there is nothing more recognizable as these horror movie icons. Whenever we hit the horror genre, these characters pop out quickly into our minds. They have been stable in the horror films and has been parody a couple times as well. And on this list, we are going to count down the top 10 horror movie characters of all time. Let’s begin.



10 Candyman

Let's start with a killer that center around an urban myth. Candyman focus on a black slave who was viciously beaten by slave and cotton field owners before severing his hand and cover him in honey on the field, leaving him to be stung to death  by bees. And all for loving a white woman. He curses his murders and promises to haunt their generation and kill them, leading a long line of families from descendants slave owners to be damned with a stigma from Candyman. Because of this, those who repeat his name five times in front of a mirror who soon be greeted and for the most part impaled by a hook from behind. Candyman display a tragic being, a phrase you'll hear a lot on this list, who's searching for true love, only to be killed, and now murders anyone who calls for him including his great great great granddaughter who believes it’s all a myth until he appears. His kills aren’t that special yet interesting, displaying a distinct kill that no one can see with the exception of those who call for him. And the great acting of Tony Todd, along with the creepiness of bees covering Candyman's body from torso and below make this a wonderful character. If you haven’t seen this film, I say go check it out for yourself and see how haunting and hallucinating the character can get just for testing this myth. Just don’t say his name 5 times before a reflection glass. 


9 Samara


Samara is an urban legend, which you may hear more on this list, that curses those who watches a tape that shows her coming out of the well she was thrown to and soon out of the television. Based off the Japanese film which is based off a Japanese urban legend, seriously, all of Samara victims die within 7 days after watching the tape. Her appearance is both grueling, eerie, ominous, and creepy. And the story of a child being murdered by a family member is also tragic. The acting of Daveigh Chase is spot on, capturing the ideal of how Samara be when she exits the television and marching towards the fool who pop the tape in. There’s really nothing special about the character except the looks of Samara is what any creature would look after coming from the dead, decayed and decrepit, yet has the power to suck the souls off any fool who watches the film. It’s the tense moments that makes the character so terrifying as seeing the ring and the story of Samara would soon bring a closer solution to about her mysterious, but with the film continuing after the tape is stopped, you know you are in for a real treat. And seeing the petrified look her victims have as she marches towards them is outstanding. Just don’t bother looking for this tape since we can now watch it online.



8 Chucky 


When it comes to living in a home with a terrifying doll, none has come more recognizable than Chucky, a mass murder who was shot and killed, but not before he use voodoo magic to put his soul on a popular doll. Chucky has a unique sense of horror as he is shown to only be a toy, a figure that can impossibly do no harm and can easily be fooled as the spirit of the murder would spring out and attack those unexpected victims. His main goal of course is the transfer his soul into another body, preferably a boy for some reason, since his soul cannot be contained in the doll for too long, and the object would soon reject him, forcing him to pass on.  His voices and one liners do tend to give a crack at what he is doing and who could forget that icon laugh. I will knock some points down cause after the first three films Chucky seem to have fallen off the wagon, having a family, becoming a generic slasher film. But overall, when we see this popular play toy, we immediately think of this madman. Then immediately locking it away for good hoping it won't spring to life. 




7 Jigsaw and the Pig


The Saw movie franchise has not one, but two iconic characters. Saw centers around a group of people trapped in various torture device, being forced to solve a puzzle for their life or in need of rescue at the hands of someone else's hands. Unlike most on this list that center around a supernatural being, one character is real and the other character is a mascot of a true killer. Let's start off with the pig, a follower of Jigsaw, this fowl being purpose is to capture those that deem unworthy in Jigsaw eyes and is placed in a trail for their lives. The pig has mostly captured criminals, liars, and relatives to those who are in the ultimate task. There are instincts that the Pig has killed people, however, this is mostly in video games so I can’t really count that. Not many people would remember this character more than the Jigsaw puppet, a character who is very creepy in its own right, having a wooden head cocking side to side while having a jaw move to simulate the actual murder speaking. Jigsaw also carries a trademark laugh as originally the puppet was a toy for an unborn child the murder was prepping to have. Yeah, in a twist, Jigsaw actually had a tragic past that we can get into the future. Still, to keep his identity a secret, the doll serves as a perfect object to convey his captures that they are in deep trouble and must survive or suffer the ultimate price, their lives. Overall, these horror icons help us look twice at night and think twice about our actions, before we are tested for the sake of our lives. 



6 Michael Myers 


Low and behold a man who doesn't speak nor have any reaction or sympathy for what he has done. Michael Myers is a scary character, being tall like a basketball player, built like a football player, but have not emotions at all whenever he searches for his primary victim. Coming from the popular Halloween series, he’s easily remembered with his trademark mask, coverall suit, and his trademark kitchen knife, but has used other weapons to kill his victims, including his  bare hands, actually ripping someone's head off. He's even tough to kill, which begs the question how can you actually kill a man who not only seems invincible, and has a habit to appear anywhere at anytime. Plus his theme is also memborerable, eerie at night, horrific when alone, and on several ringtones on people's phones. He's cold blooded and disturbing if you find him, one Halloween night. 



5 Pennywise 

Clowns are scary. That can't be any truer when you speak about a character like Pennywise. Unlike the character's on this list, with the except of Chucky, Pennywise mostly haunt the same kids until they are grown, seeing that they know about this freakish being and nobody else. 

Seeing the trademark ballon is a sign that the horrors of being is around and close by to torment your life, either with a lost of a loved one, a past that disturbs you, or the actions that continues on right now. Plus, let's face it, both Pennywise is terrifying no matter who you choose. Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard has done an amazing work as the character, putting their own twist of how Pennywise personality work. With Tim Curry, it’s an idea of how clowns act that puts the fear of almost any clown you would find in a children's party or circus. For Bill Skarsgard, the vibes of his performance as Pennywise maybe the same as a modern horror of a clown in a twisted carnival. If you ignore the disappointing reveal at the end of one of the films, then you surely know how petrifying it is to be around clowns. No matter what type of clown it is. 


4 Ghostface 


Ghostface is actually human. Okay that might killed some interest of this character since of course most of the characters on this list is supernatural, with the except of the characters from Saw. But honestly, the popularity of this character 90's is asthoniging, fans of the Scream movies wanted to be Ghostface for Halloween. Even I was Ghostface during my elementary school Halloween party. Ghostface is a murder based off a slasher film that centers around the same character in the film's film...which kinda feels Meta, that target a victim and her friends and family. . He mostly haunts people with phone calls towards his prey, at one point asked for the victim’s favorite horror film before identifying the victim and their every move and set himself up for the kill. Armed with a knife, Ghostface trademark weapon, he can easily sneak up and stab his victim multiple times and even slite his victim’s throat. What also makes Ghostface amazing is the fact that anyone can be Ghostface, it can lead to so much plot twist and suspects that’ll make your head spin. It’s a who done it film that change the direction of horror films. Just take a look at the opening of Scream 2, and figure who is the actual Ghostface killer if you happen to be in this scenario. You wouldn’t!! An icon slasher that change the genre of horror films in the 90’s, we can just help but enjoy the scream. Also his parody in A Scary Movie.



3 Leatherface


Just by the sound of his chainsaw, there’s only one thing you need to do and one thing only, RUN! Leatherface is an amazing horror figure in the horror films, arming himself with a chainsaw and hammer and chopping his victims into pieces for his families stew...who happens to be cannibalism. Good to know that the bodies are preserved for something healthy, I guess. Leatherface is a tall scary monster, one who can be easily identified from miles away, but what makes this manic so amazing is his face. You see Leatherface not only kills his victims and deliver to his family for a nice 8 course meal, but also wear the face of his victims as a mask. Depending on how unique you are, or if you are unlucky, how pretty you are that attracts him, Leatherface will crave off your face, craft it into a mask, and walk around with it, knowing that you will always be his side and show off how awesome it is to his other foes. Unfortunately, Leatherface seems more like a lackey rather than murder on impluse or agenda, but that’s a minor when it comes to the noise of his weapon and scream. Speaking of which, the chainsaw is pretty much a known and related to Leatherface, that parodies of horror characters would wield a chainsaw as a weapon. Just be sure you have the stomach to take what he serves. If you have one after meeting him.



2 Freddy Kruger


The next two are hard to list. They are both iconic, memorable, and by far the greatest horror film characters of all time. Even I had nightmares when I was a child thinking about these two coming to slaughter me. But overall I had to decide who is more iconic than the other so here it is. Freddy Kruger at number 2. There is so much that makes Freddy Kruger such an amazing character. His personality. His backstory. His appearance. The gloves with finger knives. And most of all his unique way of killing his victims, as he’s able to get them in one place that no one can ever escape, their dreams. People have made attempts to cover up Freddy Kruger’s past and history. And his victims find ways to not only eliminate the biggest nightmare of their lives, but also ways to stay awake, going as far as robbing a pharmacy for prescription pills to stay insomniac and avoid being killed. But once their in the dreamworld it’s game on, as Freddy Kruger has colorful ways of killing his victims, either based off their personality, fears, conditions, or addiction. Nearly all of Freddy Victims have been murdered by his glove knives or a cartoonish way. Plus his punchlines are just amazing as well as his laugh. There are different iteration of this horror icon, so by all means check out any Nightmare on Elm’s street films and see how amazing Freddy is. If anything, watch them all. And hopefully you can survive the night sleeping.



1 Jason Vorhees


It’s Mother F-ing Jason! The one who holds an eerie and ominous noise. The one who is the master of all weapons. The one who is the uber king of machetes. The one who has the mask! Jason has a tragic backstory that lead to him coming back to life as a vengeful spirit, killing all teenagers and camp counselors who are foolish to spend their days and nights at Camp Crystal Lake. His almost a zombie like being as nearly all efforts to kill him seem frail, not having a chance to put him down for even a minute, easily getting back up and ready to kill his prey with little sweat. Interestingly a fun fact, Jason didn’t start in the first movie or with a mask but rather in the second film with a hood over his face. Jason’s mask is well known, and an easy trademark of his character as many people easily parody Jason in films and games, but mostly with a different weapon. Cursed by a vengeful mother and a spirit that even hell cannot contain, Jason Vorhees is the number one iconic horror character of all time.


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Top 10 Goriest Video Games


Top 10 Goriest Video Games


Gore. Since the time a certain video game on this list have arrived, video game makers have pushed the boundary for shock and awe factor, delivering blood spill splatter like horror icons such as Jason, Leatherface, Saw, or the Final Destination films. While many would stay far from the M rating in hopes to avoid lack of sales and media targeting when it comes to violence in video games, these select few have shown that some adult theme can make the game worth playing and worth the money. For this week, I'm going to present to you the top 10 most goriest video games. Let's do this. 


10 Thrill Kill


It's a game you probably never heard of since it was never released by EA due to its standards and reputation they had in the late 90's. Releasing this game to their minds may mean that they are no good of a company who sells ultra violent video games like Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto. But the game was released for free so yeah it does go on this list. Thrill Kill is a brawling fighting game where the object is to survive against 3 other competitors. The game holds a variety of twisted characters, all who are dead by the way, murdering each other for a chance to live once more. What makes this game so grotuatise is their fatality system. Filling up your special meter during the fight allows you to kill your opponent one by one, until the last man standing will unleash their thrill kill on the poor soul. These deaths contain limb breaking, decapitation, electrocution, some voodoo spell that shrinks opponents, and the worst death of all…...getting a foot massage from a bdsm mistress. Oh the horror!!! This game is only available for the Playstation 1, and it is out for free so long you can burn the game properly. There is no copyright against the game at all so if you can find it and burn it, by all means, try it out. 


9 Happy Wheels


What's best about this particular game is that it is free. And boy do they sure on making gore comical. Happy Wheels is a series of challenges created by people that forces players to think fast and think carefully. The characters are ordinary people, like a man on a bicycle with his kid, an obese woman on a scooter, a pogo jumper, a man on a wheelchair, and many more. But what makes this game so gory is the fact that each challenge, your character starts to lose their limbs. Each limb lost can be vital depending on the challenge, you might not even make it at all. Strangely, this game has a mixed influential of a Saw film and an evening cartoon show. Grueling and grotesque yet charming in a sick way. You can easily access this game anywhere or check out some Youtubers reaction while playing this game. It is worthwhile. 


8 Manhunt 


For every non-violent game Rockstar make, like Monster Madness Monster Truck and Ping Pong game, Rockstar makes 4 more GTAs, but this particular game takes the cake. Manhunt is a stealth action game with a twist on the goal. Instead of retrieving items, or escaping, you must kill your way to the next level, often by gruesome means due to their execution scenes. These scenes feel straight out of a horror film, with means of severe beatings, multiple stabbings, and decapitations. While the first game is almost tamed, the sequel pushed the boundary more on their executions. The game is very grueling and disgusting that many countries outside of the US has banned the game, demonstrating how disturbing the game is. Although the thought of murdering your victims were the true purpose as to why the game is banned, there is no mistake that Manhunt can be gory in unexpected moments. 


7 Splatterhouse


This Friday the 13th Horror look alike icon has delivery pain misery, and a shit load of dead bodies in it’s wake. Splatterhouse centers around a Super Humanoid Monster name Rick who ventures through a horrific mansion in a landmark known as Splatterhouse, coincidence, in an attempt to rescue his girlfriend from a mad scientist. Depending on what version of the game you are playing, either the late 80’s early 90’s beat ‘em up side scroller, or the remake in 2010, Splatterhouse has a reputation of hardcore music, gruesome characters, an eerrie and ominous enviroment, and best of all, all the bloodthirsty blood and dismantelling the game can deliver. Depaitcations, limb ripping, fleshing dissolving, and of course, all the blood that would make the man behind the hockey mask himself smile, if he could ever smile in the first place. Splatterhouse is oddly enough a isn’t a red herring to Mortal Kombat, as the idea of video game violence was done in the arcades when this game was released, yet the demonic, monstrous, and fantasy like that Splatterhouse offer may have people over looked this game in the first place. And besides, when would there ever be a time during that era that you can play as someone who looks similar to Jason himself. That is awesome!  


6 Doom


This is just one satisfying, aggressive, hardcore, wildly wicked video game that any game makers could have ever created. Doom puts you in the role as a space marine from Mars on a mission to send back the demons of Hell by any means necessary. And by any means necessary, means that you can use all the weapons that are available in space! Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Beam Rifles, Chainsaw, BFG!!! Even your bare hands can be used as a weapon to turn all these imps, demons, monsters, and Hell Knights into mulch. Things do pick up in later editions of Doom, especially the 2016 reboot of Doom, where graphical kills demonstration how fancisintating it is to dismantle the poor bastards and send them back to hell, or maybe somewhere worse than hell. The amount of kills you can do in this game is nothing but an amazing artwork painting, fill with limbs, bones, guts, and blood, to create a portrait of mastery with exquisite brutally and beauty.


5 Mad World


Who said that Nintendo has to be family friendly. With games such as WiiSports, Super Mario Galaxy, and Smash Bros., Nintendo can get dirty every now and then with some M rated games to their line up. And Mad World really fits in the idea of Nintendo going out of it’s way to allow gore into their library list. Mad World centers around a violent game show where protagonist Jack Cayman must kill each of the top contenders in the game show to settle a personal vendetta with the show’s creator and terrorist group. For all the games Nintendo put out, this game is a big relief in terms of adult content, especially how amazing the artwork is, mixing with the ink like artwork from an old school comic book but keeping the color of the blood for it’s gore factor. This helps out a lot as the game look more exciting and spectacular as well as creative when it comes to the violence that the game breaks out. And speaking of creative, the executions that Mad World have and the finishers are by far the most creative deaths Platinum Games have congregate. Just check out some of the finishers on each boss, including popular ones like RinRin, The Shamans, and The Black Baron. It’s an amazing game to own and something enjoyable to play with the nunchuck controller. Which btw the way also makes the game great, the controller is smooth and interesting.


4 God of War


The God of War series follows a brutal and gut wrenching story of a Spartan that goes by the name of Kratos, who is on a vendetta mission to slay all of the Geek Gods for betraying him after he murder his family and the innocent and holds the ashes on their death and sins on his body. There hasn’t been any violent game in the Playstation 2 and 3 era such as this game and it shows. As Kratos you can violently tear enemies in half with your bare hands, slice up all foes with his trademark weapons, or use the weapons gifted by the gods to slay all beasts and demons. But by far, the best examples as to how gory the game can be is its cinematic quick time events and cutscenes. With just a combination of correct button pressing, Kratos can display how destructive he can be by tearing apart his victims piece by piece. From sea monster in the first God of War game, to Poseidon and Helios, Hermes and Zues. Even the recent God of War games with Norse mythology gods and warriors have received brutal deaths at the hands of Kratos himself. Each decapitation, limb ripping, eye gouging, and implement has filled the drama and excitement that God of War offer in all four installments including the side stories for the PSP. If you ever want to feel like a true god slayer and be the one to hold the power of all the gods, get this game and find out how vicious you can be with a mad man like Kratos.


3 Dead Space


Strange that in all the horror themed games I have on this list or action pack games, none can has been known as a survival horror game like what Dead Space has to offer. Not even Resident Evil has the top honors on this list, and the recent Resident Evil games were brutal and vicious indeed. But when it comes to how gory it can get, Resident Evil can’t hold a candle to what Dead Space has done in only their three game release. Dead Space center around a maintenance worker in space aboard a distress signal on a deserted ship. Inside are a pack of zombie like aliens who has infested the dead in the ship and is out to murder anyone who they find. One of the best things about Dead Space is how creative the kill has to be. You see, normally to kill a zombie, a well placed head shot is all you need to take down the undead. However, in this case you need to severed the limbs on the undead or face the consequence of death at the hands of this dead alien zombies. The dark and eerie environment is what also helps improve the tense horror that Dead Space offer and the wide variety of deaths our poor hero will suffer helps amps up the ranking of this game. Each death is both savage and vicious for its own rights. The Decapitation and head replacement of one alien, being sucked in through a damaged vent and having your entire body crushed and folded while ripped apart, and the most famous of all, getting your eyeball pierced and screwed with massive amount of blood spewing out. For all the crap we give about EA today, at least with Dead Space they knew what they were doing.


2 Gears of War


Let's make no mistake, Gears of War is not just a sad and cruel story, but it is also barbaric and nasty when it comes to the kills. As a member of the COGs, your mission is one thing and one thing only, survive and attempt mass genocide of the enemy horde for mankind sake. Throughout the game there are tons of ways to murder your foes, with traditional shooting, explosives, posioning, or by far everyones favorite, the chainsaw on the lancer gun. Players can get a full on experience online with team deathmatch that allow players to get a chance to deliver an execution on their opponents as either a member of the COGs or Horde team. Each execution various as tradition curb stomps or brutal pounding have their victims head explode, while each weapons do have uniqueness added to the kills, with weapons like the shotgun and snipers are used as golf clubs, or  weapons like the torque bows or and boomshots. Whoever you side with online, or together against a horde of enemies, just be sure to bring in a towel to wipe off the blood following this vicious kills. 


1 Mortal Kombat


It's the game that truly pushes the blood and gore, it caught the attention of everyone, including the news media and the government. Mortal Kombat needed to be something different than what Street Fighter was at that time, and thankfully it did, putting in a fatality system that allow players to kill their opponents after winning a fight. Each fatality a character perform can be classified as weak, Lui Kang MK1 and Quan Chi MK:Deadly Alliance, to Brutally Awesome, Sub-Zero MK1 and most of MKX fatalities. While games do their best to ease up over the years with less blood or finishers, Mortal Kombat goes a step further as if the game is becoming a thriller film. No matter which edition of Mortal Kombat you pick up, with the exception of MK vs DCU, you'll always find that one fatality that gives you the nod of how gory the game is. Here’s to the king of killing people with style!


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Personal Thoughts: Blizzard vs Wai Chung and fans.



So ...how's Blizzard doing right now?...


As of late, Blizzard has been under fire for the recent suspension of Esports player Ng "Blitzchung" Wai Chung. Wai Chung is a pro player of Blizzard's most popular online card game called Hearthstone, and has been a seasonal player for 4 years. During a post game interview, Wai Chung was wearing goggles and a gas mask to pose just like a protester from Hong Kong, shouting out in his native language, "Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of our age!" Showing his support to keep China from taking Hong Kong's freedom and the ongoing riots and protest that has happened over the past couple of months. This prompt the two shoutcasters to break out in laughter, end the interview early, and applaud the gamer. Blizzard took immediate action and strip Wai Chung of his prize money and ban the three for a year. Wai Chung response on Twitter states that he has wasted four years of gaming Hearthstone, but will waste his life if China takes Hong Kong. 


Fans, workers, activists, and even politicians have bashed Blizzard for such a hasty act, stating that Blizzard has no backbone for one of their players and is in cahoots with China, attempting to be on China's good side to keep their imagery. Blizzard has gone on record as of late stating that this has nothing to do with China whatsoever and that Wai Chung and the shout casters violated their agreement on post match interview and broadcasting, and the integrity of Esports gaming. They returned the prize money to Wai Chung and reduce the suspension to all three down to 6 months, but fans aren't buying this at all, demanding that more actions need to be taken. 


So let's discuss this and find out both ends of this event. On one hand you can understand that Blizzard wants to focus more on gaming than the real world. It's a perfect way to escape from the stress we have in our personal lives and an escape from negative news that is going in the world, either political, financial, or natural issues. Blizzard do their best to keep us entertained whether it is at home at gaming cafes with special events that they do for World of Warcraft, Overwatch, or Hearthstone, at an Esport event like the Overwatch League or Hearthstone Championship Tour, or at the BlizzCon Convention every November. They wanted ever Esports player to be equal, not discriminating based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation, and create a fun and inviting environment that anyone can join in, whether or not they are doing a good job  it.


On the other hand, you can't help but feel that Wai Chung is letting us know that the world isn't right and he showed support and passion for his country and his homeland, stating that we can always go back to gaming, but if we lose our land, then things will never be the same. Wai Chung, despite his nationality, has a freedom to express himself and tell us how he feels, whether it was the right thing to do or not. It’s almost as similar as the former NFL player Colin Kaepernick who takes a knee during the National Anthem in protest to the police brutality that is going on in America. He shows that there is something wrong with our nation and he wants us to acknowledge it and do something about it. Wai Chung has support from his fans and even has gone as far as turning one of my favorite characters, Mei, in a symbol of Hong Kong resistance. No hate from there folks.


Although Wai is the victim here, I kinda feel like he should have done it more on his social media page rather than a live audience, and not be so radical about. Not everyone is going to know what's going on in China, and with the issues of political struggle in the world, national disasters that is going on such as Hurricanes, Forest Fires, and Earthquakes that threatens our land, not to mention what is happening in our own lives, we want something to enjoy at least and come back once again. While doing this may mean we are aware of what’s going on, and showing support isn’t bad and all, I feel like we are already adding more stress to our lives, especially here in America. Meanwhile, Blizzard show have review this carefully instead of taking immediate action. Sometimes suspending someone isn't the right answer and can put you on the hot seat right away. Plus Blizzard should have focus on how they could have soon support to Wai Chung rather then making it seem like they are more support for China. The statement they put out about 24 hours ago have shown they are neutral ground with everyone, but fans still don’t buy it at all, as their Twitter page and Facebook post is filled with angry post and joking memes targeting Blizzard’s decision and management.


Overall, I feel like Wai Chung should have gotten a small suspension rather than what he got right now and the shout casters even smaller since they didn't know this was going to happen. Maybe no suspension at all and possibly a fine or nothing at all. Moments like this can easily draw the wrong kind of heat and it is something Blizzard doesn't need, especially with an upcoming convention that is going to take place on the first weekend of November, and the firing that has happened early this year.. 


Tell me what you think. Did Blizzard do the right thing? Was Wai Chung and the two shout casters victims? Or were either one out of line. Be sure to comment below and follow as well. Stay awesome everyone. 

Top 10 Video Game Consoles


Top 10 Video Game Consoles


I love video games. There something wonderful about creating art and turning them into entertainment. For years, video games help create some of the most magical moments for players and fans, and has help the electronic and toy business boom following the disaster of the early 80’s. But one sure thing about video games is, without the consoles, we wouldn’t have any to begin with. Consoles are easy and accessible, and just about anyone can own in for their own living room or bedroom. Now we are going to be talking about home consoles and not the handheld ones. That’s for another countdown list. This is the top ten greatest video game console of all time.




10 Atari 2600

Atari knew gaming back in the 70’s. They were the king of gaming and created just about a large list of well known games such as Pong and Breakout for the arcades. Their cabinets would rack up almost $40 a day and spread out all over in various parts of America. However, the true moment that spark the company into becoming a well known public figure is the Atari 2600, a slick wooden box that have memorable controllers and joysticks and games ported from the arcades. The design is very simple and the controllers were easy to use. Of course there weren’t any story to the game back then, why did you need one to begin with, but that’s the beauty and the magic of the Atari 2600. You get to create the story yourself as you progress to the game and soon get engaged to what the game has to offer. And think about the games that the Atari 2600 had at that time, Pong, Asteroid, Night Driver, even original games like Yars’ Revenge, Frogger, and Combat. It popularized gaming at home and it’s a widely recognized company compare to the Intellivision and Colecovision. It’s something that very few consoles could achieve back then and something that Atari excel at before their demise.



9 Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast was well ahead of its time, understanding the best features that both Sony and Nintendo provided with their consoles and combine the two to create an ultimate console with online browsing and gaming included. It felt like having an extra coat of sprinkles on an ice cream that already have sprinkles on them. It allows classical games to go on their final run such as the Sonic series and Phantasy Star Online, and also created new games that soon became a cult classic like Jet Set Radio and Shenmue. And it was the number one console to hold the best fighting games at that time, Power Stone, Street Fighter III series, and Marvel vs Capcom 2. It even launched their own sports lineup, the 2K series, which is going strong today. There were also innovative with their games, having players use a keyboard to kill zombies in Typing of the Dead, or take care of a Lenoard Nimoy breeded fish by talking to him in Seaman. And it started the online browsing as well. Sadly, certain features that newer consoles were unavailable for the Sega Dreamcast, and they focus a lot on hardware rather than games. However, the Dreamcast will be remembered by those who push the boundaries of gaming and help give gamers one last alternative to their competitors.



8 Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is an awesome company and one that I worry the most because if that company fails and go away, we might not have video games any more. After the disastrous run with the Nintendo WiiU, Nintendo needed a new console that help shift the company into the right direction and one that would revolutionize the gaming industry. After the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo once again capture the audience's attention. The Switch offers a variety way of gaming, allowing players to take it anywhere they want and host up with 4 players with a tiny screen. It maybe another one of Nintendo gimmicky features, but it is one that works cause now we have a console we can take anywhere we want, rather than having it stay at home. And yes, while the controllers can be an issue with you have such large hands as the size of King Kong, there is no denying how interesting the games are. From their big name first party such as Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to their mature rated games of Skyrim and Doom. Nintendo also offer players a chance to adapt their controllers and allow them to play with the comfortable and adaptable Nintendo GameCube Controller which is perfect for their greatest hit of all time, Super Smash Brother Ultimate. And their online service and classical games are wonderful, giving us an ideal Nintendo is keeping their promise to make the Switch a relevant console for a very long time.



7 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Much like how relevant the Nintendo Switch is, the NES was relevant when it first came out in 1985. It help revitalize a dying gaming industry and rescue it from mere extinction. The NES look like a grey box with a box like controller that any child could come up with now days, but it was simple enough to work. The controls were simple, most of the games were simple, well for the most part, of course, and nearly every game brought out by NES era were instant classic. Games such as the Super Mario Brothers series, The Legend of Zelda, and yes Kirby, were outstanding in terms of graphics, gameplay, and music as well. Even third party games such as Castlevania, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and the first success of a film franchise, Batman, add in more success to the home console, and help spawn several sequels along the way. It even gave Nintendo an unofficial mascot in the form of R.O.B. the Robot, a robotic toy to serve as a selling point to retailers that this wasn’t an electronic device but rather a toy that people would want to us. A perfect Trojan Horse to get their foot in America.  The NES was not just a savior to all video gamers at that time, but historically, one of the famous consoles that help put Nintendo on the map and become one of the world's most famous video game company.


6 Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis is more like the cool side of gaming in the early late 80’s and early 90’s. It knew it had to be different than the family friendly Nintendo, and have to capture a different demographic of audience Nintendo fail to catch. TIf anything, the Sega Genesis is the dark side towards Nintendo’s light side, as it’s design is all black, except for the silver color and logo on the console. Controllers did feel a little odd, because of a 3 button configuration, 6 if you are playing certain games with a new controller, but it didn’t matter, as it helps with fighting games and certain sports games as well. It was powerful enough to bring in such colorful games such as the Sonic series and a couple sports games. Several televised shows like Batman and Robin the Animated series and Power Rangers were preferred on the Sega Genesis, as well as mature games like Mortal Kombat thanks to the blood code provided by Sega. If you owned a Sega Genesis upon the peak of their popularity, then you were part of a cool team.



5 Microsoft Xbox

As controversial as it sounds, I do like the first Xbox console. It maybe big and heavy machinery, but it was something that proved Microsoft can create an interesting console despite how much they preferred gaming PC. While the console had a rocky start with a poor controller and little popular games, the console took off thanks to the Halo series and introduction of the Xbox Live. Online gaming became something important and Microsoft provide it to the audience with online connection and tournaments. Other interesting games have been created for the Xbox including Shenmue II, Jet Set Radio Future, The Fable series, and Forza Motorsports. It's also the only console to my knowledge that holds a huge memory bank as to oppose the PlayStation 2 and the Gamecube, which help players store as many games as they want, and even music as well so players can create a custom soundtrack to listen to while the game is going on. If you don’t like the tunes a certain video game gives, just head to the custom soundtrack on the option menu and select a wide variety of songs you burned on the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 may have a mega hit thou the faults is what caused it to drop off this list. Meanwhile, the original Xbox didn’t really have great original games but overall, with a combination of the games I mentioned along with strong third party, a huge memory bank, and a controller that would evolve into what we hold today, the original Microsoft Xbox stands tall on this list.



4 Nintendo Wii

Following a poor run with the Gamecube, Nintendo needed to divert themselves away from Microsoft and Sony if they want to survive the console wars and thus created a gimmick that soon capture the audience's attention of all ages. The motion control scheme not only work, but it became a huge hit having both Microsoft and Sony copy their idea and attempt to make one of their own, with less stellar results. With this, many people would own a Wii for physical purpose that all people to get up and play in your home. Games like Wii Sports have Wii owners standing up off their couches and play tennis, baseball, or bowling. It got everyone from kids, to teenagers, to adults, and even the elderly to finally move their arms and legs around as if they are in an actual sports venue at their living room. They continue with the fitness gaming thanks to an expansion of the Wii Sports games and Wii Fit with the introduction of the Wii Fit trainer, as well as Just Dance, a game where you mimic the movements on the screen. But the Nintendo Wii isn’t always about Fitness, as games such as Mario Kart Wii, Smash Brothers, Metroid 3, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Super Mario Galaxy keeping the Wii strong with their first party titles. Meanwhile games like No More Heroes series, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and House of the Dead were sleeper hits. Nintendo Wii also introduced online connection for the first time in the company's history, as well as online apps such as Netflix. For what it’s worth the Nintendo Wii wasn’t just a gimmick it was a console that can do almost everything.



3 Sony Playstation

The first PlayStation was already a major hit to the audiences at the first E3 convention. It blew away Sega Saturn by $100 less and featured more games. On top of that, most of the well known games over the years came from the very first Playstation. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7 became an instant hit and was highly recognizable thanks to how the PS1 portrait the characters with its graphics. Popular mascots such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon were introduced to their audience along with the trio of outstanding video games, and two spin off games from Crash Bandicoot. Companies such as Capcom and EA created a barrage of games for the PS1 and there were good to fantastic, allowing for the PS1 to have a strong library of exclusive games when compared to N64 and Sega Saturn. Extra hardware allow gamers to play with up to four players via Multiap or LAN cable. It even feature a memory card, allowing gamers to carry their save data wherever they go something that old consoles could not do at that time. The large list of games was meant for all audiences so no matter the age demographic, there was always something for PS1 owners. 


2 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

I love the SNES. It’s one of the greatest consoles to ever look colorful and sounds spectacular while providing amazing games for the next 5 years. The SNES was indeed in a war against their rival Sega Genesis, but continued on with their traditional library of first party games such as Super Mario World and the Legend of Zelda III: A Link to the Past. It expanded the universe in Super Metroid and created a new type of gameplay that several companies attempted to mimic, but few come off successful. It even hold a new mode that help with the tech of the game call Mode 8, letting games like Mario Kart and F-Zero to play in a sorta like 3D dimension while still keeping it’s 2D nature. Following the ESRB rating system that was put into effect, Nintendo decided to go all out with their Super Nintendo and brought in mature games such as Mortal Kombat and Doom, while creating magical marvel thanks to the technological advancements from Star Fox and Donkey Kong Country. Much like the NES, the SNES was so memorable that Nintendo put out a mini version of it with games included inside, especially some cult classic hits like Earthbound and an unreleased version of Star Fox 2. Simply put, the SNES was outstanding at the time and how nostalgia the console was.


1 Sony Playstation 2

If you ever asked me which console is the greatest of all time, I just simply say the PS2, drop the mic, and leave. The PS2 was an amazing console that even non-gamers purchased it due to its key feature of being a DVD player, setting up for future consoles to have special features just like this. Along with their amazing feature, they also host online connect thou poor and lagging most of the time, but also a large list of magic hit games for the PS2 such as Socom and Need for Speed Underground 2. Game such as Grand Theft Auto III and God of War push the level of violence up to 10 with their shock factor and awe inspire gore and grotesque, while games such as Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clanks slowly creep their way into becoming mascots of the PS2. Games such as Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy continue their success into the PS2, and games such as Killzone and Devil May Cry were born to help fill up the library with more games to play. Music sensation Rock Band got their start on the PS2 before making it big in future consoles. There is so much that the PS2 have and can deliver, I just feel you need to own one and see for yourself.

So let me know on what is your top ten consoles and if there is any console I have missed here. Be sure to like and follow and as always, Stay awesome



Top 10 worst video game consoles



To me, there is really no bad video game consoles. For over 3 decades, I’ve been treated with nothing but love, joy, and care as my parents were able to give me great consoles from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Xbox 360. I even have friends who not only would get the same consoles as I have, but rival one as well, meaning I get the best of both worlds whenever I go over to their homes and play Street Fighter or Smash Brothers or Halo and such. Despite this, there are times in which I was interested in getting a new consoles that was strongly advertise or looked hot. And boy, were my parents smart not getting me any of these. They are either terrible on software, bad controllers, or down right too expensive. Let’s just say, that these devices really didn’t need to exist. This is the top 10 worst consoles of all time.


10 Phantom


Starting off the list, everyone meet the Phantom. A console that would be connected to the internet and allow gamers to download the games instead of owning a physical copy and play them. It’s a great idea at that time, since games in the early 2000’s were still store purchased, and online gaming was new to everyone. In fact, there has been a high demand for online gaming with games such as Halo and World of Warcraft being very popular at the time, and Steam was just a couple of years away from debuting. The problem was, the console was never released to the public. After 4 years of advertising, conventions appearance, t-shirts printing, and news about the console, the Phantom seem to vanish. There were no words as to why the Phantom never debut but by some suggestions, it could have due to financial problems to release the console. Just like the name stated. We may never know what could have become of this odd device that never came to be. 




9  NGage


The Ngage was an attempt of combining a handle held console and a cellphone into one portable device. It’s a fantastic idea, and was well ahead of it’s time before smartphones since it means we can play major titles on our phones rather than carrying two devices separately. Great on paper, poor execution. The NGage, first off, doesn’t look good. If you ever look up images on google to find out how people look while talking on an NGage you would find hilarious photos of their reactions. Second, the games didn’t look good at all, despite popular titles such as Tomb Raider and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. It’s too small and the graphics are a little too blurry for the eye to contain. Lastly, you need to remove the casing on the back and the battery in order to change games. Why do we have to do all the work just to change a single game? Nokia stated that their sales were outstanding and that the NGage was a huge success, but there was no proof that it did, since only ⅛ of the sales from the NGage was actually reported. In short, the NGage was downright disappointing, something that could have been a marvelous invention, turned into a laughing stock of all portable games.

Image result for Gizmando small image

8 Gizmondo


Yet another handheld console, this one is more of a crime on humanity than it being the next best hit device. The Gizmondo had two different consoles devices for consumers, one for $229 and another for $400. The catch? If you go for the cheaper route, which make sense for a handheld device, you are a force to watch advertisements as you continue playing, making $400 device ad free. What?! What’s even more painful is that there are no hit games for the Gizmondo and the US version had 8 of the 14 games ported to their consoles. Seems someone had to make a deal with a kingpin in order to get this console develop...oh wait... that’s right. The only way this console was ever made was because the director of the Gizmondo was a part of the Swedish Mafia so one can assume they used criminal money to fund this device. Either way the Gizmondo was trash. Trash indeed. 

Image result for Apple Pippin

7. Pippin


Apple is no doubt one of the most outstanding electronic and computing devices in the world. It gave us the Macbook, Adobe softwares to create artworks and videos, and of course their greatest invention, the iPhone. But there was a time when Apple decided to go on the video game market, hopefully this was not Steve Jobs’ decision as the Pippin was downright disastrous. For starters, the Pippin was set at a $600 price tag. $600!!! Were they insane in the mid 90’s?! This was a video game console for Pete's Sake, not a computer. Second, their games were not good at all. It isn’t bad that they continue their trend of educational games or wanted to venture elsewhere with their games, but it felt lacking in graphics and gameplay. They even used the Pippin in order to connect to the internet, something that the executive felt was not going to be a big in the first place. Overall, the Pippin should have been locked away along with some of Apple’s failures, never to be exposed to the world once more.


Image result for atari jaguar

6. Atari Jaguar


If you are going to be a commercial advertiser and tell me how much graphics your system have, then you better back up your claim or otherwise be sent to Rikers Island for false advertising. The Atari Jaguar stated their console would have 64 bit graphics enhance gameplay, and becoming better than the other consoles on the market, i.e the SNES and Sega Genesis. That would be proven false as the games did not nearly break the 64 bit look, nor did it seem to hit the 32 graphic look. We can’t help but remember that the Atari Jaguar had three things going, 1 positive and 2 negative. It did have the best Alien vs Predator game to come out of the video game market despite how difficult the controller is. Speaking of controller, the Jaguar had too many buttons, and is too big to handle for certain games. And SPEAKING of games, the Jaguar have terrible games that are still remembered today such as Kasumi Ninja and their ported version of Doom. This pretty much put the final nail in Atari’s coffin for making home consoles and soon after Atari focus more on making video games instead.

Image result for 3DO

5. 3DO


If you think $600 was too much for a console, how about we ante up and go for $700!!!? Who in their right mind would think that a console is worth $700!? The 3DO of course. It did brought in fine games such as Gex and Star Control II, and great third party games such as Road Rash and Alone in the Dark. But that could not save the disaster the 3DO set themselves up when coming up with the price for this console, especially when you look at the other console that were competing against, which is once again the SNES and Sega Genesis, both kicking the 3DO’s ass easily. The 3DO did reduce the price to $399 by the fall of 1994, but the damage was done and unfortunately only had a few sales from hitting the target before closing down.


Image result for virtual boy

4. Virtual Boy


Nintendo sometimes have their flops in the gaming market. But nothing was as bad as their mid console release, the Virtual Boy. Release after the Super Nintendo and prior to the Nintendo 64, the Virtual Boy was suppose to be Nintendo’s take at 3D graphics. Problem was the outline was black and red. They figure that by going cheap, they save a lot of money on production cost and make it accessible for gamers to own rather than going for a color screen. Plus the console is really made for one person viewing through a google lens, meaning that others around you cannot see what’s going on by rather have to take it by the word of the mouth and expression. There were no good games at that time other than a Wario license game and maybe Mario Tennis. And did you know the saying that games are harmful to humanity? Well they are exactly right with this console, as playing an extensive amount of time with this console would cause damage to your eyes and even injure you. I would like to defend the creator of the Virtual Boy as he has created some of Nintendo’s best games, but man is it hard to prove how good he is with a slip up like this one.

Image result for Philips CDi small image

3. Philips CDi


Nintendo did it again. This time in what was one of the biggest blunders in their careers. Nintendo would strike a deal with Samsung while negotiating with Sony in creating a new video game console. This not only initially broke relationship between two of the most powerful company in electronics but also brought in a console that showed Nintendo obtuse ego.  The CDi was a terrible console with one of the worst controllers to come out of the market. Controller ports were bad as well since the ports are located in the rear end of the console, talking about sticking it where the sun doesn't shine. As far as games go, the CDi had terrible third party games, 3 of which come out of the Nintendo came with 2 bad Zelda games, and Mario game as well. All three had terrible animated cutscenes, all had terrible dialogue, all had terrible gameplay. Nintendo and Samsung would flounder prior to the N64, while Sony would create a hit in the mid 90’s with the Sony Playstation. The rest is history.


Related image

2. Tiger R-Zone


Think of the virtual boy, only less hazardous, but more annoying. Tiger electronics are mixed in a way that the games are bad, but they hold childhood memorable on their portable games. Don’t lie to yourself when you bother your mom and dad to have one of these devices since it’s cheaper to them and entertaining for you. Especially if you cannot get the Gameboy or Game Gear. Well Tiger decided to create their own Handheld device call the R-Zone. You attach the game inside a port on the headset and attach it on your head. As far as games goes, they mostly consist of popular fighting games such as Virtual Fighters and Mortal Kombat. But you can hardly tell because of how bad the game looks and you needed to use one eye to look at the screen, if any is provided. What made Tiger think they can create a handheld device with only a single eye lens? It doesn’t help that they are against the Nintendo Gameboy and the Sega Game Gear. Which had superior power and more games than Tiger R-Zone. Tiger should have stick to working on cheap, portable electronic games rather than a handheld device themselves.

Image result for Atari 5600

1 Atari 5200


If the Atari Jaguar was the final nail in Atari video game console making, then the Atari 5200 was the start. Prior to the disaster video game crash in 1983, Atari created the 5200 in a way to stop the bleeding E.T. created from the Atari 2600. This, however, increased the bleeding as the console didn’t look well in colors, the gameplay is still the same as the Atari 2600, and the controller was the worst controller ever made. It broke too often and left gamers stranded with no controller to use for their games. It took a complete year for the crash to occur and video games would soon become a negative word in the western world. Atari would soon faze out of the video game consoles as it paved the way for Nintendo and Sega to step forth and take over the industry.

Personal Thoughts: 20 years of Sega Dreamcast



It’s been 20 years since the Sega Dreamcast was launched in the US on September 9th, 1999. Ohhhh I get it now. 9/9/99. Pretty amazing. But what’s more amazing is how much of a cult following the console have over the years following its demise in 2001. What some would consider one of the worst consoles on their list, being that the Sega Dreamcast was too ahead of its time and unable to back up what the Playstation 2 had to offer, the Sega Dreamcast is one of Sega’s greatest achievements before being relegated into a developer company.  A console to show Sega’s great talent and capabilities that no other console at that time could do. And more importantly, the games that were released only for the Sega Dreamcast due to its date, graphics hardware, and sound processor. 


Sega pretty much had something that could have helped them not only become the number one console, but attempt to push to a new generation of gaming, with the use of CD based gaming, a portable memory card, and being able to play up to four people on couch co-op without needing an extra hardware like the Sony Playstation. It also had the ability to connect to the internet and allow Dreamcast owners to either browse to the web, hopefully for free at that time, have the chance to do amazing things “like checking websites, receive and send emails, and chat with people across the globe.” At that time being able to go on the internet was pretty huge and slowly becoming a necessity for home owners if they wanted to find out news, get codes or hints about a game, find out reviews, or the most people thing at that time, checking emails. However, internet browsing was not the only thing special about the Sega Dreamcast at that time with it’s online connection, but rather it’s first MMORPG, Phantasy Star Online. Sega had a history of connecting to the online servers in the past with Sega Channel which started in 1994, but was unknown nor interesting simply because not many people own a Sega Genesis at that time, plus it was a slow decline of Sega Genesis as the newer generation of console games were coming out a year later with the Sega Saturn and the Sony Playstation. The pricing is also something to speculate as Sega channel owners would have to initial pay $40 for the activation fee and monthly fee, almost feeling like it’s an add-on to the Sega Genesis but nothing too major like the Sega 32X and the Sega CD. The Sega Dreamcast allow Dreamcast owners to play free for online gaming, a huge 180 compared to the Sega Channel.


Sega set the price for the Dreamcast at $199 and quickly broke records in 24 hours selling nearly a Quarter million consoles in their launch date and earning roughly $98.4 million, and later stated that about 31% of homeowners have a Sega Dreamcast. It was a huge success for Sega Dreamcast, especially after hearing the news that Sony would soon introduce a new console to the public audience, a console that would eventually cause the demise of the Sega Dreamcast. After 1999, the Sega Dreamcast slowly decline thanks to the newest console on the market, the Sony Playstation 2, a console that is stronger than the Sega Dreamcast but more importantly able to play DVD movies without needing to buy a DVD player, something that the Sega Dreamcast could not do, and something that the developers of the Sega Dreamcast cannot provide. 


Overall, the most important thing that the Sega Dreamcast had at that time were the games. Sure, some games may not have aged well today, either because of the graphics, dialogue, or the controller itself, which looks weird and feels weird when you compare it to the Playstation or Nintendo 64 controller, but it holds a strong nostalgia of great series and gaming that we all still pine for a remake today. The Sega Dreamcast started off strong with games such as Sonic Adventure and Ready to Rumble. It was also at that time Sonic greatest return to the home console after going missing for the entirety of the Sega Saturn lifespan. Sure we got some Sonic games but this is what we wanted after all, an adventure to play as Sonic and going as fast as we can through the course. We also gotten great arcade ports such as House of the Dead 2 and Hydro Thunder, and the greatest fighting game at that time Soul Calibur alongside with one of the most popular fighting game of all time Power Stone. Sega did lose it’s EA license when EA decided that it won’t be making games for the Sega Dreamcast, but it open the doors for Sega to start off their own sports game company dub Sega2K and would soon get the license from the NFL and NBA to make games off of their professional sports. This soon created the battle of sporting games between EA and the 2K series. Over the months Sega would have not only great games, but exclusive to the Sega Dreamcast, meaning that you can only find and play it on the Dreamcast. Games such as the Street Fighter III series and Resident Evil: Code Veronica were only for the Sega Dreamcast. Sega was also able to create new popular characters like Beat from Jet Set Radio or Ryu from Shenmue, both games are amazing, but sadly the latter of the two unable to help save the Sega Dreamcast. And we can’t forget about Phantasy Star Online, as the game is one of the greatest MMORPG games of all time, allowing gamers to play it on their home console for free and shockingly had their server up for nearly 2 decades so long gamers are still online, meaning that people kept their Dreamcast running to this point because they didn’t want to leave the game at all. Now that’s some true dedication. 


Looking at it today, The Sega Dreamcast may have been ahead of its time and was unable to recover once the Sony Playstation 2 had arrived, but the games that was released for the Sega Dreamcast were phenomenal and is indeed a collectors must have. The consoles do go cheap and games are going for as high as $150, depending on what you are finding and how rare it is. Being able to play couch co-op is great and it’s thrilling to find Sonic back on top with not only one but two successful games that matches his attitude and new look. Games even from the Sega Dreamcast would have a great follow up in the later generation console with Jet Set Radio being on the Xbox along with Shenmue II, the 2K Sport series being available on all consoles and being considered the most have sports games over EA Sports, and let us not forget about Sonic, who later on would have terrible times, is still one of the greatest Mascot of all time and still on the bench waiting for a mega hit to happen. The Sega Dreamcast was a gamer’s Dream come true.

10 things Microsoft wants you to forget



When it comes to making a video game company, Microsoft mostly focus on computers and even released computer games that can be regarded as video games today, in a sense that people still have to purchase them and must have a home device to play it on, as well as having other necessities like controller, steering wheel, flight sticks or such. They had no intention of entering the home console business since people who own a microsoft software and a computer can easily play games on their desktop or laptop without ever having to spend money on a new home device with no backwards compatibility. That is until 2001 when Microsoft introduce the Xbox. Seeing that there is potential and money making in the home console industry, Microsoft gave the green light to a home console that rivals the Playstation 2 and since then has shifted the direction of a new console as the third competitor no one has seen coming. Since then, the Xbox is now in their third home console and has grown a large fanbase with well known and popular games such as Halo and Gears of War, and shown that it can be as hardcore as the Playstation can. But even the most successful and richest company does have some bones in the closet. This is the top 10 things Microsoft wants you to forget


10 The Big Fat Controller


When Microsoft introduced the Xbox, it was huge. Compared to the Sony’s Playstation 2 which almost resemble a compact DVD player and Nintendo’s Gamecube which looks like a traveling lunchbox, Microsoft created their console to look like a behemoth that can hold more data and have better graphics and sound. Everything was big for the Xbox, especially the Big Fat Controller. This thing was not only big, but it was uncomfortable. The shape was too round, the analog sticks were too far apart, and the buttons were too difficult to press, including the black and white button. Just try and play certain games with this controller and you get a clear view at how annoying it is to even complete a level or beat your friends with this behemoth control. Sometimes, you just can't. Microsoft introduced a new Controller dub the S Controller and since then has used the same design from there on.


9 No being successful in Japan


Video game consoles since the mid 80’s had a tradition when it comes to regional gaming. They would have a large fan base in Japan, United States, and a good amount in Europe, most notably in the United Kingdom. Well known consoles have dominated in the video game market in all three locations which includes Nintendo, Sony, and even Sega has had a role in leading the video game market at some point. One company that unfortunatelly cannot claim that title is Microsoft’s Xbox. For whatever reason, Microsoft is unable to crack huge numbers in Japan and is unable to capture the Japanese audiences they would hope for, having very low sales with the release of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. To this point, the Xbox One sold nearly 100,000 units since the release and has been a major flop the Tokyo game show in 2001. Maybe it’s because there were anything inspiring in the technical aspect of the console, or that the games are going to be completely foreign to them, or maybe they have seen the BS that Microsoft has to offer. Who knows.


8 Paying for unnecessary features


When the Xbox360 came along, there was a possibility of a revolutionary console that combines gaming and socializing unlike anything we have experienced before. Gamers can be able to game with others and interact more easily, and can be able other player gamer-score, achievements, and the games they played in the past. It was interesting and with the introduction of avatars, clearly something they aren’t trying to rip off from, having character interaction became more relevant and entertaining. However, Microsoft can sneak in unnecessary features with their new console. The online features needed a paid subscription, something that has been going on since the Original Xbox when online gaming was on high demand. It prevents gamers to go online and even make online purchases or play games without being an Xbox Live member, which changed into Xbox Gold Member, and Xbox normal member. There’s also some need to sell off avatar clothing, some that is not really needed for. But the biggest crime of all, paying a full $10 to change your name. Yup. If you don’t like your name or feel like someone is gonna poke fun at it for what it says or what it means, you have to pay for it to change. Wow..


7 The Smartglass


Does anyone remember this app because I sure as hell don’t remember it at all! In 2012, Microsoft introduced the Smartglass, an app you would have for your smartphone and tablets to connect to the Xbox 360 and soon Xbox One, allowing you to play movies, music, have some gaming compatibility with your devices to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was confusing and disastrous.  Not many were into the Smartglass App and wanted one important thing about the Xbox, gaming. Look there is really nothing wrong with a console playing movies and music while relaxing and even having a home console being able to do a lot more than just video games, but when it was introduced at E3, it received a lukewarm reception. Over the years, the Smartglass app have received small updates until it was slowly and maturely dropped away for a newer app call...Xbox. Huh.


6 Continuing Halo games without Bungie.


Halo is a fantastic series you need to try out. It combines heavy explosive sci-fi action with great storytelling, a couple well known characters in the series, and a killer soundtrack that makes you feel like you are going to war. Bungie has helped create a franchise that became the face of Microsoft and a mascot that many fans can easily remember. And for 9 years and 5 game release, Bungie has felt they have completed the series and decided to go on their separate ways to create a new gaming project. Microsoft then said, screw that, we’ll give the rights to another company and have them continue making 3 more Halo games under their banner. The recent Halo games, now developed by 343 Industries weren’t bad, but weren’t really exciting at all and faced a major task of providing a groundbreaking Halo game that Bungie has started. For starters, the Multiplayer game now has a preloaded set up, something that Halo wasn’t accustomed too, even if you include Halo Reach which had preload setup but have different skills and weapons included. This slowly turn Halo into another generic First Person Shooter game or worse, something similar to their rival Call of Duty. Halo story also hinder because of this, forcing Master Chief out of Cryostasis to battle unknown alien, who threaten to destroy the galaxy, only to be the third wheel to the major story line between the relationship of Master Chief and Cortana. It seems Halo is slowly closing its doors on a finale with their next Halo game, but the question remains, would this be the one that would bring Halo back to their glory days.


5 Extra Hardware devices


The Xbox and the Xbox 360 was a great console to own. It could be able to play music and allow you to rip music from the CD and store it onto the console so you can enjoy gaming while listening to the tunes. But unfortunately that’s the best feature that the consoles ever had. Microsoft has decided to take the old route of gaming and shove down extra devices that were needed in order to get the full experience and potential that both the Xbox and Xbox 360 can deliver. For starters the idea of a memory card wasn’t bad, since transferring data from one console to another can be a hassle and the memory of an Xbox was massively huge. However, what is bad is forcing Xbox owners and the same for Xbox 360 owners to pay extra to have a device that allows gamers to play DVDs. This is something that no consumer should invest in, especially when they already pay almost the same amount as the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 to play movies on their console. If people need to pay an extra 20 to 50 dollars to play movies, they would stick with the Playstation consoles. Then there is the need for extra memory, so Microsoft would sell a lighter version of the Xbox 360 for a lesser price with lower memory, and have people pay almost the same amount of a game to have a better memory storage. This wasn’t computers they were dealing with but rather consoles, and it’s something that Microsoft not only were losing touch with but more importantly fail to see what made a console amazing. 


4 Kinect


When Nintendo introduced the Wii, fans and gamers were amazed at the concept. It delivered motion control and the idea of being able to game with movement than just using a controller. It inspired old folks to get up and game while having children be active as well. Not so far away, Microsoft and Sony has decided to get involved with the motion control gimmick and created a device of their own. Microsoft demonstrated the Kinect at E3 in 2010 and it felt quite underwhelming. While it’s great to have a device that doesn’t use any control, like the Wii Remote and the Playstation Move two controller, the problem was the effectiveness of the device as it is a well lit room is needed in order for the device to recognize the user’s hand as they go from menu to menu. Add in the cringe demos the game provided during E3, and it was questionable whether or not the Kinect would sell or not. That answer came to use thanks to the games that are for the Kinect or compatible for the Kinect. While games such as Dance Central and Just Dance were great series, and some Kinect Sports games, games such as Sonic Free Riders and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, proved that the Kinect was not worth spending and that several other games would have heavy bug and difficult game play that makes the experience more frustrating than being fun. It didn’t help the Kinect stock during the reveal of the Xbox One that the Kinect is required to have with the console, and after 3 years following the release of the console, the Xbox One was scrapped. Could have taken the smart route and stop while they were ahead. 


3 Misusing Rare


This is just damn painful to put, because at one point Rare delivered jaw dropping video games in the 90’s and even proved that they can create games for all ages thanks to Perfect Dark and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Microsoft swooped up the company in 2002 and had a slow start with re-release of Conker’s Bad Fur Day and the release Grabbed by the Ghouls on the Xbox. When the Xbox 360 came along, Rare started to go on a roller coaster ride of good and bad. Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo were good games to start off with the XBox 360, and Viva Pinata was another great addition in Rare’s original library series. But fans wanted their favorite classic to make an epic return, and what better character to make an epic comeback than Banjo Kazooie. It flopped. Not only was Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts didn’t play like it was when it was first released on the Nintendo 64, but audiences started to become frustrated with Microsoft and how they handled Rare and the massive amount of wasted potential they had with games like Banjo Kazooie and Conker. After the failure of two Banjo Kazooie games, Microsoft decided that they would have Rare develop sport games instead for the Kinect instead of staying true to what Rare is good at and making amazing video games from their 90’s library. Microsoft even had the audacity of stripping games from the Rare library and hand them over to other developer studios like Killer Instinct, keeping Rare from ever reaching their glory days they once known.


2 The Xbox 360 faults


The Xbox 360 was an outstanding console to own, and after being released earlier than the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, it had a head start in capturing audience attention and obtain a big portion of the sales with it’s high definition graphics, online gaming, and a good amount of launch titles to keep gamers entertained. The 360 seems like a perfect console to own and something to have while waiting for the next gen to roll on through, but looks can be deceiving at times. One of the biggest issues with the 360 is due to the lack of a well secure tray, allowing games to sometimes spin out of control and scratch up the game, rendering them useless. This is most notable when the 360 console tilts in a 90 degree axis, forcing gamers to spend extra money to get the same game that were scratched up. Even random scratch marks appear on a disc without the console moving, showing how fragile the console can be. And speaking of being fragile, parts inside the Xbox 360 seem to malfunction over time, either with the disc tray not opening when touching the tray button, USB ports not responsible, but most of all the infamous Red Ring of Death. Xbox 360 owners have complained and joke over consoles poor performance and break down and can’t even go for one minute without the console either shutting down or overheating. Microsoft have issue free repairs on Xbox 360 consoles but would instead give Xbox 360 owners a refurbished console instead. Customer service at it’s finest


1 E3


This was a major disaster and something that almost destroy Xbox One prior to it’s launch date. What makes things amazing is how Microsoft would make the same exact mistake Sony made when they debut the Playstation 3, only worse. Microsoft introduced their new console Xbox One at the 2013 E3 press conference and things slowly took a downward spiral. For starters, Killer Instinct for only Xbox One received poor criticism, since Killer Instinct is an amazing fighting game with their combo system and characters, as well as the outrageous over excited announcer, but being on a console that doesn’t hold a reputation for fighting games seem to hurt it’s value. Add in an alleged rape reference during a terrible match between two on stage handlers, and things didn’t go well after the reveal. Games were shown during the Xbox One press conference but there was nothing too exciting with the except of Halo 5, Forza, and a new game called Titanfall. Executives were more fascinated with revealing what the Xbox One can do with voice commands, apps, and share features that it means it strips a couple of things away, such as backwards compatibility and share play, forcing gamers to own a copy of a game rather than sharing or borrowing a game. The kicker of course came when the Xbox One needed to be online at all times to play games and receive updates, needing the Kinect as part of the console with recording at all times to recognize Xbox owners, making it feel like Microsoft is stalking you, and yes, the price at $499. Sony would present their E3 conference later that weekend and do the complete opposite of what Microsoft did. This day could have been the very end of Microsoft had they not change their policies and practices weeks after their E3 presentation.

Xeno's Thoughts: Video Games under Fire



It’s something that I always have heard of and have attempted to avoid the conversation because it feels as if I am being lead by a blind horse over to a cliff side with no control of its movement. By know you all know this sentence, “Video games are the cause for mass shootings in America”, especially in High School or College. That sentence will never get old since of course here in America, the level of gun violence is astronomically high when compared to other major countries in the world, either Canada, Australia, Germany, or England. Note that there are other countries that do have a high rate of gun violence and murder, but here’s the thing, some of those countries that we know either don’t have the backbone to create gun laws to prevent these people from having a gun, since drug lords and other criminal activities are usually the ones that partake in gun violence. And most of all, the biggest problem in America is Mass Shootings, meaning some maniac would go over to a public domain area, take out a loaded weapon, and fire at will with no regard to the well being of anyone who happens to be in the line of fire. So why is it that video games are the target of these tragic events? Why do people feel that an entertainment of some sort, should be held accountable for these shootings? Why is it that people feel violent video games brainwash our children into becoming massive murders?


Go to about this we need to take a look at the history of violent video games first. Violence in video games has been a controversial act for a long time, in fact, the first game to be acknowledged as violent is a game called Death Race in 1976. Death Race have players take control of a car and run over stick figures to score points. Once a stick figure gets crushed, a tombstone appears in place of their dead body. This in turn gave question of whether video games are becoming too violent. People felt this game was helping gamers who to take control of a car and kill people with it since the stick figures resembles a human being. Creators would retort the claim, saying that players aren’t running over people but rather gremlins. This argument can go either way but can’t be difficult to argue whether the game is violent or not because of the graphics at that time. Thus the debate of whether or not video games are becoming too violent would slowly drop...for nearly 20 years.


In 1992, Mortal Kombat was released in the arcades, making waves for a new style of fighting game with graphical blood and shocking fatalities, a way to kill off your opponent after beating them twice in a fight. The game was set to be released for the home consoles a year later, with the blood and fatalities to be removed for both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis, but Sega would include a blood code to allow gamers to play the game’s true nature. This caught the attention of the US Congress as one of the members done research on Mortal Kombat following a hearing of a fellow member who looked it up before purchasing it for his son. The US Government held a meeting with various video game company representatives, asking questions as to why video games are becoming increasingly violent with no control as to who it was intended for. Nintendo would claim that their games has always been family friendly, and that games such as Mortal Kombat was stripped down to appeal to all target audiences. Meanwhile, Sega has claimed that they have a rating system in place to address the audiences what game is rated and who it is intended for. Although video games were being targeted at this point, both Nintendo and Sega would butt heads with one another rather than working together. This lead the congressmen to demand the video game companies to fix the issue now or they’ll fix it themselves. 


Thus the ESRB rating system was born. The ESRB rating system is a way to inform people, especially parents, of the rating on the game shown on the cover of the box. It’s easily detectable, and determine whether the game is safe for their child to play. On the back the game also describes what the game contains to further evaluate if the game is appropriate for their children. Congress also take a step further and penalized any store that sells a Mature rated game to any minors without any proof of ID or without their parents around. This help distinguish games and help educate parents about the dangers of violent video games. And it worked! The ESRB not only help parents with acknowledging what games their child wants and whether it is safe for them or not, but people have stated that they feel more confident going shopping for games and know what to get them without having to do extensive research on the game. Without the rating system, parents wouldn’t know what the heck their kids are playing until they see it on the television screen. Now, by all means the ESRB rating system isn’t perfect. Parents still purchase M rated games for their kids, despite sales associates warning the content that the game has, and even I have purchased an M rated game when I was a teenager long ago, Halo 2 special edition if you would like to know. 


After the release of the ESRB rating system, game developers have little to worry about when making games, and companies such as Nintendo and Sega have the free will to acquire certain games and sell it to their audiences. So, more violent games were created with an M rated label on the box. Games like Doom (1993), Grand Theft Auto (1997), and Call of Duty (2003) were made but not without any controversy. People still believe that games have gone far too violent as games like Grand Theft Auto have you kill people in an open world setting either by mission or by free will, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare II has you partake in a mass shooting at an airport with the level called “No Russian.” Which leads to one important theory as to while people feel that games are becoming too violent. The graphics. See, in the late 70’s and early 80’s the graphics are just too basic. Sure you can make out a human being in 8 bits, but some games make it hard to determine who you are controlling and what you are up against. It isn’t until the fourth generation of gaming that we do get better visuals and better graphics that lead to the idea of how violent video games have become. If you compare to games then to games now, you see a massive space of how games look to the human eyes and how far we have come to make games look and feel as realistic as possible. Granted, some of these acts, like the fatalities in Mortal Kombat, were just cartoonish, but the theory stands, graphics and looks help made people feel concern about violent games. 


Although games have been able to look astonishing and entertaining, real life events have helped shift that terrible turn. That is of course the mass shooting. And no debate has started it so much then the Columbine Shooting in 1999, where two high school students took arms and attempted to massacre an entire school. Within hours after the shooting, and the two committing suicide, an investigation was immediately followed. After finding out that the two had played Doom and recreated a level with the school and turn every villain in the game into helpless students and teachers, law enforcers and congressmen howl in anger at the cause and felt video games were the reason for the Mass Shooting. This sparked the debate on whether games are teaching kids how to kill. The debate escalated as mass shooting increase during the 2 decade year, with shootings at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and the current shooting last weekend. Many people who have done the investigation, officers mostly, and politicians quickly pointed out that the suspect were influenced by violent games to cause these heinous acts of crime.


One of the most obvious questions is how can a video game teach someone to kill? Video games do come with an instruction manual to help gamers understand the control setting of the game, and games today have a tutorial mode to help gamers in actually experiencing the game, should they choose to take it or not. The idea of gaming actually teaching people how to fire a gun sounds very absurd, since in gaming it’s usually a two to four step act on shooting a gun, involving a controller in a video game, and in IRL it’s about 8+ more steps on shooting a gun, no accounting the recoil on your arms, the weight of the weapon, and the fire rate the weapon delivers. In fact, owning a gun requires people to have a license, meaning they need to be trained first before owning a gun, and hopefully have been. I’m no gun owner, so understanding this feels pretty beneath me since I feel guns are pathetic to have. Despite this, the ones who see that video games are a major threat or in fact attempt to benefit from the debate are three types of people.


First off politicians, either lawmakers or congressmen. People here in the US would find these people as a source of protection, as of course these are the ones who decide what we need to have in our country and what we don’t. Common Sense tells us that these people would gather together and see eye to eye. However, there are those who feel that they are the ones who can rally others into stopping video games from being violent and thus get on the good side of the Presidential hand or more importantly, receive a high rating number of approval. It’s the approval status quo, the idea that they’ll be having a high rating and even seen as leadership quality that energize them to push for stricter laws against violent video games. Others include the NRA, a gun rights advocate group, that push for stricter laws on violent video games. However, most of the politicians who are anti-violent games feels pretty out of date or out of touch, as each year games have changed in terms of game-play and of course graphics, and more importantly that the ESRB rating system has always been on game boxes and trailers of all games.


Second comes from those in the Media or in other words major news media such as CNN and Fox News. These are the group that not only cover tragic events but hold debates and reasoning towards violent video games. These tragic events and debates help drive viewers to their networks and persuade audiences into their beliefs. Although coverage of tragic events is inevitably, debates that have people argue against games seem pretty acute, in that they only seen game-play or trailers, judging a book by its cover, instead of playing the game itself to have a better idea. This of course may mean that they are protecting their images in their network, like demonstrating the same attitude and ideal their target audience is mixed with their own personal beliefs. They produce a mental shell on what others have to say and would want to push their personal beliefs and ignore the changes or what can be evidently true.


Lastly comes the scientist. These are people who do research and find out if the hypothesis is true and how accurate it is. They’ve been given a grant to perform studies in various ways and search for clues or better yet answers that may help solve the trouble we are having today. While this means that the studies may help further push the troubles that this country has, sometimes it doesn’t lead to that way. Some studies that are conducted for the subject are both obtuse and hysterical. With one study, they allow people to play violent video games for said amount of time. Afterwards they’ll allow participants a chance to pour x amount of hot sauce of other people food. They feel that those who pour hot sauce in food to those who doesn’t like hot sauce are subject to become violent in real life thanks to violent video games. Why that help scientists conclude the theory is true? Unfortunately, no clue. The idea is just like the ice cream theory, in which when there is more ice cream being sold, there is more crime being held. It doesn’t help prove the suspects influence of mass shooting since of course mass shooting occurs sporadically and can occur on different intervals. This also mean about the games the subject plays, if any, and if games help them drive them further into killing people and training them in using weapons.


Overall, it’s hard to find out what we really need in this country, either stricter gun laws that many have demanded, a stronger study in violent video games and their influence on people’s mind, a study on mental disease, or sadly ignoring the issue until another mass shooting happens.  While it has been proven that video games do not cause mass shooting, the problem will never escape from the clutches of politicians, media, and scientists until a definite answer is made. For now, we just enjoy gaming and give support to those who are affected by the tragic events until there is change.

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