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Ember Official News

Ember Official News

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Ember Getting Started - Profile basics


Hey Goobs!

In this instructional we're going to go over how to edit your Ember profile! 
Follow the instructions below and make the most out of Ember!




Profile and Cover Photos


First of all, upload yourself a profile picture and cover photo! Did you know...you can now upload animated profile pictures and cover photos?


Neat huh?



Recommended size for cover photos are 1300 width x 300 height


"About Tab"

The "About" tab on your profile consist of 3 sections: a "Long Bio", pinned favourite game titles and any social media links you may have.
Your location and "Short Bio" can also be edited within these settings.

- Head to your Ember profile > click on "About"

- Click on the cog icon to the right of "About -your username-"



The "Long Bio" is your long description, displayed at the top of the "About" tab. Here, you can write to your heart's content! The "Short Bio" refers to the little body of text underneath your profile picture, keep this short and sweet! Your "Country" is self explanatory, select yours from the list!


Adding Social Links


Head to the "About" tab on your Ember profile > you will see "Find me here" click the cog icon to the right



Add the social media links you deem relevant to you! You do NOT need to include entire URL's, Ember takes care of this for you

For example: Twitter does not need the URL or the "@" - just add your username! The only exception is a personal website where you would add the full URL

Once you have saved your changes, you can pin the social link you deem most important to you beneath your profile picture. It could be your Twitch handle, Xbox gamertag, or even a direct link to your website. Click the red pin icon to the right of one of your social links... 


...it is done:



Adding Games!


To begin adding the games you love to your profile, click the controller icon on the Navbar.


This will bring you to the Game Library below:




Click the little Heart Icon on any game to add it as one of your favourites on your profile!

Do not worry if you do not see the game you want, request it to be added here


Adding your super-duper favourite games!


We all have games we love to play, but what about those with a special place in our hearts, the ones that give you those fuzzy nostalgic feelings? We have a place for those too!

Once you have added some games to your profile, a "Games" tab will appear on the left of your profile:


Clicking on the "Games" tab will show you the list of games you added from the database


Click on the PIN icon on any game you wish to list as your "super-duper-favourite"



This will list up to 5 "super-duper-favourites" within your about section, like so!





Alpha V1.5 - Ember Communities v2.0




Hey Guys!


Alpha 1.5 update - Communities version 2.0 has released!


Please take this oppertunity to test out the new feature, and please report any issues and of course we always appreciate feedback!


We will take a wee break and return to working on adding even more features to our communities, more customisation options and deeper discord integrations are on the way!


You can find the patch notes here


Thankyou for your continuing support, we couldn't do it without you!


Cheers Guys!


Ember Development Team

Ember News : Partner Correspondent!




We've got a new member in the Ember team - please welcome Partner Correspondent, @Franchize1140!

Franchize is one of those people that will go out of his way to help someone and can often be found leading the charge in our affiliated Forge Community. He's a keen streamer and gamer, as well as being a complete and utter American Football fanatic! 

As Correspondent, Franchize will be continuing on with something he already does so well - interviewing and getting to know people! In our case, he will be quizzing our Business Partners! We're hoping to get these meet 'n' greets recorded and streamed out so our users can learn a bit more about the people that support Ember!

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Franchize's interviewing style, then check out the FranchizeTV playlist on his Youtube channel!

Don't forget to drop him a follow:

Ember - https://emberapp.gg/profile/272-franchize1140/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Franchize1140

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZOXNEkUCUUQqQPZYtwswA



Meet the Mods!

Hey Guys!


This is just a wee post to introduce you to the Ember mod team!


Gibby and Tom partake in some relaxing extracirricular activities

What does a mod do?..

Ember moderators research and add requested games to our games database, so you can add them to your profiles. The moderators have an expanding role and their responsibilities will increase as Ember grows, they ensure Ember has only relevant content that meets our terms and conditions.

If this doesn't make you moist, We don't know what will

@Gibby - Mod Lead & QA

Location: Sheffield, UK 🇬🇧

"My name is Gibby. I like my Beer strong and my music heavy. I joined this community because Max kept pestering me about it and signing up was the only way to make him stop. But I'm looking forward to watching this community grow and to help in any way I can. Games wise, I am a massive fan of grand strategy games such as the Total War and Paradox Interactive series, but I will always have a lot of love for the old school classic such as Age Of Empires 2 and Rise of Nations. Also a massive fan of Battlefield, Mass Effect, Gears Of War and Witcher 3. Outside of gaming and lurking on discord I am a big football fan and am always trying to plan some kind of mini get away to interesting cities and countries."


"Shut up Tom"

@Roboticeagles - Ember Pinata

Location: Bolsover, UK 🇬🇧

"Hi I'm Tom and I seriously need to shut up at some point"



@HarlanTV - Moderator & Data Analyst Bean

Location: Manchester, UK 🇬🇧

"Hi I'm Harlan! I'm from Manchester, UK. When not eating pizza I like to play games about pizza."


Massive liability with a ukulele and cookies

@MoogieCookie - Moderator & Professional Cookie

Location: Warrington, UK (also Mars) 🇬🇧

""Hi I'm Jess. I write shirt stories, play ukulele and have an unhealthy obsession with KDrama's"

"Klokke ende"

@Aserah - Moderator & Office Viking

Location: Østbirk, Denmark 🇩🇰

"Hi Im Aserah, Aserah is the name of the game. How to play? Pour the coffee and back away slowly. Oh and I like cake"


The professional acting one 😋

@Hestia - Moderator & Chef Bean

Location: Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩

"Hi! You can call me Hestia. I come from an island called Bali, in the country of Indonesia. My motto is: Quality customer service and customer relations is the key to success."





Hey Guys!

A wee mid update....update for you...

The 1.5 update is coming along nicely. We prefer to release parts of updates gradually, so our users can better test features and report back any issues!

Ahhh the beauty of being in closed alpha...

Below are a few bits and bobs we have updated!

- New integration - Mixer! You can now integrate your Mixer streams with your Ember profile! If you happen to use Mixer AND Twitch, both will display on your "Stream" tab! You can set which stream will load by default in your account settings

- Various Theme optimisations (resolves display issues on video, twitch, writers blocks grids, profile shards and giphy)

- Various stability and security updates

- Twitter integration improvements

- Told Tom to shut up

The 1.5 Community Update is well on it's way! We are working hard to deliver it and you're going to love it when it gets here!



Ember News : Community Manager - CelestialxZen




Hey all!

Ember is proud to announce the appointment a new community manager to the Ember team! @CelestialxZen

She will be available to help with promotion, feedback and of course, conquering the world! specifically the North American region 😜 for Ember and also helping out with our official affiliated community, The Forge

She'll also be around to help any problems, should you ever face any!


We look forward to growing Ember with our little team!

Be sure to give them a follow!





The Great Ember Profile Giveaway!


Oh man - do we have a monstrously good competition for you!

Today we launch 'The Great Ember Profile Giveaway' - your opportunity to win a copy of Cyberpunk 2077! 


The competition is simple - three steps!

1. Sign up to an EmberGN account at https://emberapp.gg
2. Complete your EmberGN profile!
3. Follow the EmberGN Twitter account - https://twitter.com/ember_gn - and RT the competition tweet!

We're looking for big, beautiful, colourful banners; profile pictures; long bios; short bios; favourite games; Twitch/Youtube/Twitter integrations if you have them - just be as creative as possible! The profiles feature an incredible amount of customization, so make the most of it! 

You can then go on to set your country; your social media links and share your online presence with the rest of the Ember Users! You can even use gifs for banners and profile pictures! 

Looking for somewhere to start? Check out this instructional on setting up your profile: Profile Basics

Entry will be open to all Ember profiles, with the competition closing on the 31th August 2019. The Admin team will then select 10 finalists to be shared on social media - with the most popular profile taking the top prize! 

Preorder keys will be issued at time of selecting winner. Winner to advise on preferred platform.








So you want to display your favourite song on your Ember profile?


Simply head to Spotify and find your favourite track: Click the "..." to the right of the track, head down to "share" and finally "copy song link"





Head over to your Ember profile and onto your "About" tab, click the cog just above your long bio and scroll right down to the bottom  - there you will find a field called "Favourite Track" - simply paste your Spotify link in there! Make sure your Spotify link follows this format (https://open.spotify.com/track/TRACKID) - Click "Save"







And that's it! If you are not logged into Spotify, songs will display short previews;


 Log in to Spotify to make sure you can make the most out of this feature!









Hey Guys


As of the Alpha 1.4 update you can now integrate Youtube into your Ember profile! We have integrated the feature to a basic level in the same way we have Twitch, and over time we will begin to take full advantage, producing more features throughout Ember.


How to Integrate: 




Head to your account settings, there you will see Youtube at the bottom of the overview, click "Configure"




You will then be prompted to login to your Youtube account, this will take you to a Google sign in page and you can select which account, and which channel you would like to integrate.




Currently, you can sync your Youtube profile photo with your Ember profile photo and add your video content to your profile via a new "Videos" tab. This will also add your Youtube library to other areas of the site! We will be expanding more and more on these in future, especially when we roll out the "Dashboard" update!













The following patch notes for 1.4 will include some features you will have already familiarised yourselves with, we like to get as much feedback as possible from the community during development! there is plenty of exciting stuff below!



--Disclaimer - some of the below features will begin to go live over the next 24 hours-- 


- "Writers Block" the ability to create "writers block" blogs on Ember ✅

- "Suggest Game" feature added, users can now add games they wish to display via their profile ✅

- Various theme and visual optimisations, "lazy loading" etc ✅

- Various security optimisations ✅

- Installed "Knoxbear.exe" & "Regal.exe" ✅

- Branding redesign ✅

- Added "Videos" page under media content tab, this is for video (non streaming) content ✅

- Youtube, users are now able to integrate their Youtube channels into ember, display them on their profile and be featured on ember. ✅

- Added new flagpack, your location set in your "about" will now display as a flag next to your profile picture, and yes..."Mars" is an available location to select ✅

- Improvements to status updates/posting, twitter post will now show media, ability to share each others posts. 🕑

- Told Tom to shut up ✅

Branding Redesign


Over the last year, Ember has been on a bit of a journey when it comes to branding. Fortunately, being in the alpha stage of development allows us to take our time and make sure we get these things right.


We had to face several visual challenges, as it can be difficult to skirt the line between 'overly abstract' and 'massively cliche'. One of our biggest challenges is not looking like an energy company, something our older branding struggled with. Having a face on your logo can be a very difficult challenge to overcome; too much and it can look overbearing and confusing, too little and you risk not having enough character. I think we've reached a happy median with our adorable little chirpy mug. 



The new logo incorporates elements of our previous attempts for branding, but tries to give Ember a more inviting and less corporate feel. Based on our Patreon feedback, our branding reminds people of Dragon Age slimes, Studio Ghibli characters and Digimon.....these are all the exact types of fans we want to attract!


Our designer @Faeron explained the following:

"For many I may seem like a new face, however I’ve been lurking in the background for quite some time. It was at a bench round the back of an old man’s pub Max and me first talked about what Ember could be.

Mind you, it didn’t have a name back then but already I was plotting what sort of artistic vision I could bring to the table.

As our ideas grew it became easier to define a brief for this little branding project. With a more diverse audience of gamers and streamers alike, it became clear we needed a logo that resonated on some level with everyone.

The thing that surprises a lot of people is how long these projects can take, albeit for a good reason. Take my first offering earlier this year. It was a flop, although through trial and error and a lot of refinement we managed to settle on a concept. The flame and emoji.

What gets me excited about design isn’t the final outcome, it’s the process. Imagine trying to complete a puzzle without having the picture in front of you, but when it all falls into place it suddenly makes so much sense.

Perhaps another time I'll delve into the technical side of producing something like this, but for now I hope you guys/girls like this mark and I look forward to animating this goob in the coming weeks."




If we flip our logo upside down, it doubles as a spooky spooky ghost! perfect for Ember Halloween events!






Ember News : Community Managers






Hey all!


Ember is proud to announce the appointment of two new community managers to the Ember Team.
Please welcome @RegalSausage and @Knoxy!

Be sure to give them a follow!

They will be available to help with promotion, feedback and of course, conquering the world.

They'll also be around to help any problems, should you ever face any!


We look forward to growing Ember with our little team!









Are you a keen writer? Do you enjoy writing short stories and poems? Or perhaps you like to review games or showcase your cosplay tutorials.

You might just like to relax and share your thoughts and feelings with your followers - in which case 'Writers Blocks' are the feature for you.


On Ember, we want to give our users as many ways to create content and express themselves as possible. 'Writers Blocks' are one of many ways we hope to achieve this. Whether you're a gamer, streamer, cosplayer, artist, game developer, community host, writer, designer or all of the above - you can use 'Writers Blocks' to share your experiences with your followers and the rest of Ember.


Setting up a 'Writers Block'

Getting started with a 'Writers Block' couldn't be any simpler! Head over to "Writers Blocks" and click "Create Writers Block," name your block, write a small description and BANG! Your very own 'Writers Block' will be created!





Above, you will see how a default 'Writers Block' looks. First things first, customisation! Start to brand it by uploading a header photo (recommended size for image is 1920 x 1080)! Using this ratio ensures that your 'Writers Block' looks great on every type of device, as well as giving you room to adjust as you see necessary!




Once created, your 'Writers Block' will appear under a tab on your profile, displayed as above. Have a go at posting! we will create an in depth tutorial on creating content for your Writers Block soon!

Posting Rules:

Whilst we appreciate many people will post all kinds of content using their Writers Blocks, we have prohibited the use of Writers Blocks for political discourse or affiliations, that means to say; Writers blocks discussing, advertising or promoting political parties and affiliations on either side of the spectrum will simply be removed without warning.

We understand the importance of politics and the huge role it plays in all of our lives however; Ember is a place to remove ourselves from the stress and toxicity that inherently comes with political discourse, Video games have always played a huge role in escapism and distraction from unpleasant realities, Ember is to be no different.






They're absolutely everywhere, and it's wonderful!


A lot of you have requested to be able to add games yourself to the library, this is a great idea and takes some of the pressure off our wonderful moderator team! Starting now on Ember, if you want to display a game you love on your profile but it isn't listed in our games database, no worries! add it!

Here's how:




Underneath the platform list, you will see a new button called "Suggest Game" simply click it to get started! This will prompt a pop up where you can fill out the following information:


  • NameThis is pretty self explanatory, use the full official name as it appears in storefronts 
  • DeveloperThis can usually be found on wikipedia, include all developers listed, separate with commas 
  • WebsiteMake sure you include http:// or https://
  • Twitter - only include the username, no URL or "'@"
  • Publisher - This often differs from the developer, can usually be found on wikipedia!
  • Release Date - There are often many release dates, especially for multi-platform games. just put the year a game was first released! example: 2007
  • Logo This must be 200px - 200px and JPEG format and using the official cover, even if cropped
  • Icon - Upload the exact same picture you uploaded for "Logo"
  • Photo - This is the header photo, the best place to find these are offical facebook pages
  • Platform (Ticklist) - Tick every platform the game appears on
  • Description - This MUST be from an official source, the best place to find these are store fronts just as Xbox, Playstation or Steam store


Once you have added your game, it will go into a request queue which is then monitored by our moderator team, your game will then be edited if needed and approved/declined



Hey Goobs,

Just a small update on what's going on with Ember Development....



As I'm sure you're all aware, Ember lets you add the games you love and proudly display them on your profile. In future, this game database will also be used to find other players, find communities for those games, streams, reviews, products and so on. We've added a new feature which enables every user to add games to the database, pending approval from our lovely moderator team. If there's a game you love but it's not on our database, add it!

This feature will go live this week

We'll post a 'how to' for this soon!


Integrations - YouTube

We are constantly working on adding new integrations into Ember, the next of which will be YouTube. This will work in a similar way to how we currently display Twitch streams. You'll be able to access and browse YouTube videos uploaded by Ember members. We'll even feature some of our favourites!

Moving forward

Ember has many features and updates to bring you throughout 2019, A few listed below:

  • Furthering integrations such as Mixer and Instagram - Working to make the most of our integration features with routine functionality improvements for each integration.
  • Adding Gallery features to profiles and beyond - We want to make a space for creatives to showcase their work. Whether it be art, cosplay, animations, we'll make it possible on Ember.
  • Inventory - Users will soon have an inventory system where they can showcase awards and trophies. For example, attending an Ember event, supporter badges for Alpha & Beta supporters.
  • Brand Pages - Our next large update will have a focus on brand pages. We're working hard on features for content creators to make the most out of Ember.
  • Communities - We are overhauling the current community features in order to create a place for gaming communities to call home. Lots of customisation options coming soon!
  • Dashboards - The centrepiece of Ember! Everything you follow, whether it be your friends, games, blogs, streams, communities or other content will feed directly into your Dashboard. Our dashboard features also include the "Goob" minigame. It's a little avatar editor that you can customise with cosmetics and add-ons. You can even spend your shards in the Goob minigame! Development is early but they're pretty cute 😊 
  • Ecommerce - Allowing brand pages and communities to sell via Ember. Whether it be shirts, mugs, bags, or maybe you host a premium community that requires a subscription. We'll make sure Ember has the features you need to grow your brand.
  • Android/iOS development - Right now, we are focused primarily on getting the PC side of Ember developed and then perfected, but rest assured we will be developing apps for both Android and iOS.

There are MANY more updates we have planned, but I don't want to reveal absolutely EVERYTHING 😉 or do I?









Integrations on Ember


Hey Guys, so this is a quick update on how to integrate other services into Ember. We integrate several services into Ember for a number of reasons such as being able to follow all of a creators content in one place or to bring all kinds of content creators together, such as streamers on different platforms like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube.

Disclaimer - Ember is in alpha development and thus, not all planned integrations are currently available and if they are, their functionality will be limited


Currently Ember has Twitch, Twitter, Steam and Discord integrated, the integrations are basic now but as development progresses we will increase functionality of each integration.

Planned upcoming integrations are: Youtube, Mixer and Instagram. We also plan to integrate Xbox Live Services, Nintendo Switch Online and Playstation Network however, these platforms require alot of legal permissions so if we do integrate them (not making any promises) it will most likely be post full release of Ember.


How to integrate


Head to the top right of your screen and click on your profile picture, a drop down menu will appear: click on "account settings"

you will see a list of "Steam, Twitter,  Facebook, Discord and Twitch" to the right of them, you will see a "configure" button for each

Clicking "configure" will allow you to sign in with the relevant service and integrate it into Ember, below we will go over each integration in it's current and planned functions.



One you have integrated your steam, you can use your steam photo as your profile photo, this isn't much of an integration yet. In future we plan on pulling data such as scores, awards & trophies, inventory's etc etc...


With twitter you can sync your email address, cover photo, profile photo and import all your tweets to your Ember wall. In future we will expand on this integration in order to import any media you post on twitter. Currently Ember only imports the text body of tweets.


We will be removing all Facebook functions from Ember with the exception of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.


Ember has a handy discord bot that scans your public "now playing" status and imports it onto your Ember profile, this requires both your consent (tickbox) and to be part of an Ember affiliate discord, such as the Forge for example. You can also sync your profile picture with discord if you wish.


Integrating your Twitch will allow you to be listed on Ember's streaming directory's, simply check the tickbox "Display my stream and live status on site"

this will add your to our directory and also display when you are live, in future this will notify your followers.


Disclaimer: all integrations require your consent, no data other than what is required to use these integrations is stored on Ember's database, if you would like to know more about your data and privacy on Ember, please see Privacy Policy furthermore, by using these integrations you are agreeing to those services respective privacy policies and procedures.





Ember Alpha 1.3 - "Bauhaus"






In this update, the devs have worked incredibly hard to create a both functional and stunning experience. A lot of thought, time and effort went into design - we really hope you enjoy it! Whilst it is still early days for Ember's development, we hope the Bauhaus update gives you a glimpse of the direction we are heading in!

(Disclaimer - 1.3 Bauhaus is a significant overhaul update and there are likely plenty of bugs present, please report them here)


Below are the patch notes for this update:

- UI "Bauhaus" overhaul.

- Implemented various theme updates, optimisations and security upgrades - Various mobile compatibility optimisations (temporary, IOS and Android app development will begin in BETA) - Optimised search features

- Updated unregistered homepage, fancy pants animations! - Added "What is Ember" page! - Increased "Favourite Games" on profile about tab from 1 to 5 titles available - Added Affiliate/Sponsers to footer

- Told Tom to shut up.

- Streaming page added, including featured streamer section

- "Channels" Host your own blog channel on Ember! or integrate your existing Blog into your ember profile via RSS - Channel (blogs) page added, including featured channel section

- Added "Media" section to navbar, access stream directory and blog channel directory here


What are Ember Channels?                  


Ember Channels are our new blogging platform, where members can host and write their own blogs on Ember, attached directly to your Ember profile! These features are currently in an early phase but rest assured - we are always looking for new features to add, and for that we need YOUR suggestions and feedback! If you do have any thoughts on Channels, please share them here! - https://bit.ly/2TK6dA8


Streams & Channel Directory


We have added two directory pages for both Streams and Channels. Here you will find all of Ember's content creators, starting with our Featured Affiliates! These directories, as with every feature of Ember; are a work in progress and will form part of our larger dashboard update! Watch this space!


What's coming in future?


Our next focus will be to overhaul the Communities function, specifically for content creators such as streamers, cosplayers/artists, Indie studios and community hosts. Beyond that, we will be strengthening our Dashboard, bringing the whole Ember experience into one central hub! There's so much more in the pipeline for Ember - we hope you'll join us for the ride!

Cheers Guys! - M


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